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I swim–but...But I have a heart, and wouldn't willingly foist my rotund, nearly naked corpuscle on innocent -passers-by; that would be simply unconscionable.At any rate, I'm pretty sure that few things in life are more dangerous than fresh air and exercise. So indoors at the air-conditioned cinema, that's about the size of it. Except, of course, that there's nothing to watch.Holloweird has been taken over by strange, SJW types whose ideas of "entertainment" hark back to the Puritanical da
April 25, 2019
Why do I have more Wealthy Affiliate (WA) blog posts than I do in what is supposed to be my business website?? Is WA my business, or is it NextGen?Clearly, I'm at fault here. I'm happy that I've spotted this, because identifying a problem is a necessary first step to fixing it.I've 3 business posts versus (including this one) 8 WA posts! 😳>> Time for a rethink, I believe <<How about you (if you don't mind my asking)? How many WA posts do you have as opposed to business posts
April 19, 2019
I don't get it.I've visited the websites of many members where I've noticed egregious mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Several times now, I have offered my proofreading services for free (free!, I tells ya) only to be rebuffed. 😳 Seriously, what the…?I've mentioned before that I've modelled myself on Mr. Spock since my late teens, so usually am I unsurprised by behaviour I consider illogical, but I must confess this particular situation has me stumped completely.Pra
The disadvantage of a dispassionate and coldly logical heart is borne out here in Wealthy Affiliate. Many years ago a young, brokenhearted Tayo decided that emotions were fundamentally useless. Already enamoured of Star Trek (the original series) I decided to model myself on Mr Spock. I may have over succeeded in this quest but for the most part, I see it as being a good thing. However, here on Wealthy Affiliate, I find that the comments which attract the greatest number of likes are those whic
Here is an important question for you: are you being completely honest with your site visitors when you recommend a product or service? I am concerned that too often I am being presented with products and services which are not in fact the best or the most cost-effective. Yes, of course we are all in this to make money, but are we allowing ourselves to be seduced by the lure of lucre? I am prepared to believe that between the time a post is created and I read it, new products or services have b
February 14, 2019
Yes, it's past midnight, and yes, I've been at it all evening, but you know what? I'm going to bed a happy camper. 😊I've completed Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, in the last section of which I found loads of keywords, and this for a niche (those of you following me might remember) I thought was going to be a desert for keywords. Well done Kyle and Carson for building such an awesome website.And on that happy note, it's goodnight from him.Sleep tight. 👋
My rank: 185,292. Unfortunately, I did not record my first rank, but it was somewhere in the 200,000s. The day began with a useful and encouraging exercise which was to complete my first-ever website. I put my limited liability company (NextGen Computer Technologies) online, something I’ve been intending to do for literally, years. It is my main company, and the one through which I’ve been working as a contract software engineer since 2011. I registered the domain on a
February 07, 2019
I was able to watch the second video, "Completing Your Account Setup" with ease, which was a relief after the Day-1 horror of watching a spinning wheel instead of the video's content.As per lesson instructions, I commented on two other members' aspirations. One of them was hoping to make $5000 a month on an input of 30 hours a week, which I found… er, *optimistic* ;=) I followed the gentleman instantly, because, "of course". That kind of chutzpah and optimism must be rewarded! Besides, i
February 06, 2019
Atrocious experience attempting to watch the first video, “Wealthy Affiliate - A Comprehensive Platform Walk-through”. I took 1.5 hours to watch the 30 minute video! :=(I can assure you, that did not make for a happy camper. For some reason, someone has prevented users from downloading the videoIf that is as a security device to prevent piracy, it is very poor, as there are screen capture tools which work just fine, and with a little video editing… well, you can guess the res