Go for the not so shinny things

Last Update: January 22, 2017

When I started writing content on my site, I focused on those topics that drew thousands of rearders a month. What I didn't realize was that the competition for those keywords were too high for me to rank well on google.

As time went by, I put more time into keyword research and started targetting low comepetition keywords even if they only had a dozen or so searches a month. I soon realized that like a drop in a bucket, those low competition keywords soon combined to bring substantial traffic to my site.

I thought of other ways to rank on the first page of google. I decided to beat my competition to the punch. So, I search the internet for brands related to my niche and found products that had just been released. I noticed that very few people had written reviews on them so I went head on and wrote detail reviews on these products.

Now, two months from that time, I am reaping the benefits.

My advice to you as a newcomer is;

Go for the not so shinny keywords (low competition) and write about it before your competition can.

Have a glorious Sunday!


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So True Denise!
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Don't get entranced in the shiny set of things
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