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Last Update: May 23, 2019

Well, it's been an interesting couple weeks getting familiar with the community forum, my website and writing content all at the same time, there is so much to learn but I am motivated to keep going in hopes that it will pay off.

I’m finding it a little challenging working full time at my day job and putting in the evenings online while trying to keep up with parental and household responsibilities. That being said, I know what I am working toward and putting in the time and making sacrifices now, will pay off down the road. Hard work + dedication = SUCCESS is my motto.

I'm not sure where two weeks of training should land the average trainee, but I've now just completed level 2 training. Not having had previous exposure to website development or a technical background is what's been the most challenging for me. However, that being said, the training tutorials are absolutely fantastic and easy to follow and the community support has been what’s kept me going. People are always willing to help and if they can’t they’ll direct you to resources that can, so thank you all for that 😊

The niche I’m working within is wellness, and how to develop a plan to achieve complete wellness within our body, mind and soul. I’ve struggled along with way with developing my website as each website theme has a different layout and I can’t seem to be happy with what I have. I’ve gotten really frustrated and have finally just settled for a theme I can move around in for now and will work on the layout or finding a theme later on that I am happy with. I have vision of what I want but just can’t seem to pull it all together at the back end. I’ve had some good feedback on my content thus far and received some constructive feedback which I appreciate and welcome.

I’m hoping to complete the next two levels of training (3 & 4) within the next 3 weeks, again I’m not sure if that’s too long or not enough time, for now I’m just setting the goal and seeing if I can reach it. I’ll reassess after week 4 if not yet completed lol.

All and all I’m enjoying the experience thus far, but at this point as eager as I am to make money, I’m really just focusing on the website itself and learning as much as I can about affiliate marketing. The money will come later once I’m familiar and comfortable with the process.

I can’t thank the community enough for all their support throughout this process. My journey I’ve embarked upon has just begun.

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dgwebsite Premium
Setting your time schedule and following through with the tasks, this is huge sign of structure. This usually means there's a leader in there! Congrats Tracy, eager to hear about future success stories, glad we are in touch.
Vickic3 Premium
Work when you can and you will build a great business online
Time is there when you are ready so go well
skmorrow Premium
Hard work and dedication for sure. Throw in a little patience as well as this tends to be a long road. Best of luck to you going forward.