Is it bad to quit ?

Last Update: March 29, 2019

Some say quitting is for losers and others say is for quitters, tell me about it. Quitting doesn't make you a loser, so do not let your mind be troubled about the saying quitting is for losers. Life is full of ups and downs. We face challenges in life, and in our businesses.

In our lives, we at times face challenges that turn us to be different personalities. It can cause us to become chain smokers, drinkers, prostitute, robbers, pick pocket, gangsters, Liars, thieves, gossips and all that. No one wants to be in this state but a condition will push into it.

Some people when challenge arise and unfortunately find themselves in situations like these, they don't get the chance to quit and they lose their lives. Some too by the grace, they are able to quit what the situation push them into to save their lives.

So tell me about it, now quitting is for losers, or is for quitters?. Do not agree to that saying, don't accept the saying that quitting is for losers. It is never true to my knowledge. Are you afraid to quit because of what people will say?, because you think you will be called a loser?, Right, the choice is yours. Carry on in pains and frustrations or quit and be free and free indeed.

Why do we quit-

1) When things go wrong

2) When we get change of mind

3) When situation changes

4) When a goal is accomplish

Quit for a reason do not just quit for no reasons

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EandS2018 Premium
Thank you for this message.
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Hi Tara,

Great advice!

Just a heads up - we're not allowed to promote our websites here.
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Hi NewLaurie
Thanks so much. I appreciate it.