Working from home to avoid the politics!

Last Update: September 14, 2010

Auckland is undergoing a massive political shift! For the average person in and around Auckland, it will have a very large impact in a number of foreseen and unforeseeable ways! But, that is not why I write. I was prompted to write this blog post because last week, two fairly high profile would be Mayors (John Banks and Andrew Williams) of the supercity displayed what can only be called juvenile and unacceptable behaviour motivated only what I would term "excessive testosterone". Both would be Mayors publicy competed in chest banging and name calling which they should be highly embarrassed about!

In my previous life, I was constantly interacting (polite terms) with local politicians who frequently behaved badly and influenced my job in a not so positive way. So, it reminded me why I so love to work from home. On a really positive note, I thought it was an opportune time to discuss all of the best things about working from home.

1. Be your own boss

This has got to be the best part! No one to watch over your shoulder, meddle in your job (even though they know you work well autonomously), tell you to do stupid things or do stupid things themselves. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great bosses and I'm not an anarchist, but I've had some really bad bosses too. Enough of them to really relish my time working from home.

2. Unlimited earning potential

Your success is only limited by the amount of effort you put in. It takes time to grow your business but ultimately, the sky is the limit. There isn't a salary cap on your business and you don't have to put in a report to increase your own salary!

3. Reduce your personal carbon footprint

Working from home means that you don't have to do any of that boring stuff that has the added negative of contributing to global warming, smog and stress. Traffic jams! No longer do you have to drive with the multitudes in peak hour traffic to get to a job at a certain time every day. So, you have reduced the fumes you would ordinarily be contributing to the environment.

4. Less stress

No more office politics, politicians, other staff, a cramped desk or office, presentations or performance reviews. You are your own boss. If you're not performing the way you think you should - fix it. It's much more fun motivating yourself to succeed and not nearly as stressful.

5. Opportunity for continuous learning

When you are your own boss, you never really feel like you know enough. I always seem to be continually searching for new information or techniques to grow my business. Working from home has made me an information junkie and I can't seem to read enough!

6. More free time, time with family and flexibility

Working from home definitely does not mean reduced hours. In fact, I work probably longer hours on my business than I did when I did a 9-fiver! But, it just seems different. Plus, you can work your working hours around the other things that are important to you. Your family and friends for instance. Food is also a great motivator for me. It's nice to be able to meet for lunch and not have to rush through it in an hour.

7. Creativity, passion & rewards

Having your own business working from home means that you can pump it full of all the things you love and reap the rewards. It's hard to be passionate about paid employment when there are 65 different documents with protocols and processes that you must stick to! Your home business develops how you want it and you know it so well that nothing really needs to be documented! (Having said that, I am a firm believer in sticking to a business plan of some sort - if you can hold it in your head without documenting it - then all good).

8. Integrating exercise

I know this can really fall under the "more flexibility" heading but I know only too well that working a job for me definitely kills my exercise program! With family, most people often work a full day before they even get to the office and are too dog tired to even consider exercise after feeding time. Working from home just means that you can work exercise into your day a bit better. I've found it great to exercise while I'm watching a training video about some aspect of my business that I need to learn. Works for me.

9. Don't forget the dog

Being here all day for my pet is definitely a plus. Poor thing must have been really bored before.

10. Knowing I will be here if my child is sick at school

One of the worst things I encountered at work was missing phone calls from the school to tell me my child was sick and needed to go home. Meetings would often keep me away from my desk and my phone switched off during. That feeling of seeing a message from an hour or two ago is horrible. I don't miss that at all. Now I don't have to turn off my phone or attend any meetings where I need my phone turned off.

11. Not having to shower everday (I'M JOKING)

Finally, the real beauty of working from home and being your own boss is:

Being able to come up with 11 (well 10 really) excellent reasons why working from home is fantastic without even really trying!

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jatdebeaune Premium
That's great Tans. I agree with all of it. Ironically, it provides you the freedom to work more: more efficiently, more productively. You really do have the opportunity to indulge your thirst for knowledge. Being available to your children is so important. I know your little dog or pet is thrilled having your company. My little dog would poke me in the leg at 4:00 every day to go out for a walk. Thanks to him, we both got exercise.