Days 4 - 7... My 1st Week with WA!

Last Update: Jul 26, 2014


Day 4

23 July 2014

Arghhh so frustrated… at myself!! Did my first post on my new website and made an error – ended up with a huge feature picture on my homepage that was out of focus and very ugly but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to edit the homepage.

I was determined to sort it out for myself, after all, this is a learning process… and I did! Unfortunately, it’s taken me the best part of the day to do it so I’ve done very little else today.

I have done 2 out of my 3 posts for the 3 initial pages that were set up in the last lesson, so feeling rather chuffed (pleased… for those of you that are not familiar with our English word, chuffed) that I at least now have content.

At the end of the day, my non-financial goal for 30 days was to complete all the courses so I am still more or less on schedule.

By the way, I don't plan on doing a blog every single day, this is just for my first week and more as a record to myself to record my own progress for future reference.

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Day 5

24 July 2014

Oh my goodness, just logged in and spotted my ranking... was 21,633 last night and this morning, I have shot up to 652!!! Wow, is this correct? Today is off to a fabulous start :)

Struggled a bit today with a couple of WP issues but my amazing friends and colleagues have helped me out, so I am all set to continue tomorrow. I did manage to get 2 lessons done today, so a tad ahead of schedule :)

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Day 6

25 July 2014

Oh dear, what a day it's been. Definitely disappointed with myself, have a case of total writer's block and just don't seem to be able to make any headway with my content writing for my initial posts. Therefore have decided to take a break and will resume tomorrow, hopefully with a somewhat refreshed approach.

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Day 7

26 July 2014

Not much to add today as I have not had the opportunity to work on my content. My mum is coming to stay tomorrow so between tidying and cleaning, getting the grass cut, running kids around and doing a bit of shopping, there hasn't been any quality time to focus on what I need to get done. I won't be online much over the next couple of days so Wednesday and Thursday, I will be glued to my computer catching up and getting back on track for my 30 day goal... to finish the courses.

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Recent Comments


You are doing great keep up the good work

Thanks Vicki, not going to get anything done this next few days as I have my mum staying but will put double the effort afterwards to catch up and keep on target for my 30 day goal... to finish all the courses (Course 2 - 4 = 30 lessons = 1 per day)

Great job so far. Please feel free to ask for help next time, so you could do more with your time. Getting help when you're stuck is one of the benefits of belonging to WA.
Best wishes!

Thank you and yes, the 2nd time I needed help (and I'm sure there'll be many more!), I did ask and received a response within the hour... problem solved and I was able to move on :)

If you are active, it is definitely possible. Slows down a bit when you get to the top 100!

Nice post!

Thank you :)

I know, I was just trying to see if I could do it myself... on reflection, wish I'd just posted and asked for help, would have probably got the job done within an hour lol

I'm somewhat at that point. Frustrating yes but remember the WA community is here, to help us out. :)

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