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Last Update: September 04, 2016

Hi everyone, i know that the number one question that i've seen getting asked a lot is how to link the amazon link and image into your website page! Now for me personal this has taken me a couple of weeks to figure it out,and as we all know its bloody frustrating grrr....

  • what i did was go to my associate page on amazon
  • click on the product that i want to select
  • click on text link
  • copy and paste
  • go to my page, click on CODE, you must make sure your page is set to text view.
  • code will show up on your page
  • paste your amazon link to code
  • copy code and link ( to insert link) button
  • now paste to your link and use your domain for url
  • then push add link
  • the title of the product will show up in your page when you change it back to visual.

you will have to repeat this again but when you go into amazon click on the IMAGE button and proceed with the earlier steps.remember update your page before you exist your page

I hope this is helpful and i hope this works for you.please feel free to let me know if it worked for you .thank you.

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DevynHudoba Premium
Hello Tahyen,

This is some high quality content! Just what I was looking for as I am just about ready to add my affiliate links to my website.

Thanks for posting,

Devyn H-L
Tahyen Premium
your welcome!
alomax Premium

I seen a video last week on that...