Just realized I'm the #1 writer

Last Update: February 23, 2018

I just realized I've written more words than anyone else in WA this month (check the pic). I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's an accomplishment, but I'm not making money yet, so maybe it's a sign that I need to write a little less and promote what I've already written a lot more. Just a thought.

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MikaelM Premium Plus
Good job on writing content. Just to let you know there are quite a few people that has the message that they have written more than 100% of the other members at the same time. Guess it is because we are so many members that it cannot give you an exact "writing rank". But it still shows you are doing well with the content creation - good job.

All the best
Nick-at-WA Premium
Well, congratulations!
jwlewis777 Premium
Congrats! Your doing great! Just keep doing what your doing, following the lessons and with time, things will come!

Good Luck!
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Where is the picture Lashaun?

Keep sharing quality content and with the right audience and you will indeed start making money my Friend.

sybull Premium
I guess the picture didn't upload