I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Last Update: July 24, 2018

Although you may have thought I had, because I haven't been around much lately. But I'm back and I'm ready and willing to work at this again.

Reworking My Goals Was Necessary

Too much on my plate kept me from accomplishing everything I wanted to do, and this is normal for me. But I've regrouped and have every intent to attack affiliate marketing with a much smarter approach. I was very scattered before and got overwhelmed.

As I said above, this is normal for me because I have an ADD personality and tend to try to do too much, too soon. Starting out with something new I'm all excited and wanting to learn everything I can, but then get discouraged when I don't get the results I had hoped for right away and will give up on whatever it is that I'm doing. This is just my Aries nature. Something new? Great! Been doing it a few months with very little gratification? I'm outta here.

In this case though, I knew going in that success wouldn't happen overnight, or in a few days or weeks or months. But as usual, I was trying to do too many other things that took my full attention away from WA, namely eBay and e-books.

At least I continued writing at least one post a week, sometimes two, for my website. I can't say that I've had much traffic though, and that was discouraging to me.

So I've rethought my goals, and reallocated my time to spend more of it on WA and less on the other projects.

Ebay is On The Backburner

Ebay was a consistent money-maker for me, but it took so much time that I didn't spend the time on WA that I wanted to. Summer is notoriously slow for eBay so I'm hanging that up until the end of September or early October.

And e-books are a time sink as well, but I'm still working on that, just not devoting as much time as I was before.

I now have plenty of time to work on my websites and create more content. Yay!

Optimism and hope are recharged and I will be spending the time on my WA projects that I always wanted to. Now, maybe I can get my ranking below 2,706! :^)

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Flash4 Premium
Hey fellow Aries, you may not have ADD, I too have great enthusiasm on new projects and have a lot of unfinished projects, that just us. At least we understand our faults and work on them all our lives.

Glad you have refocused, wish you soooo much success ☼

Cheers Jae ♫
SWagner2 Premium
Oh, thank you for that message! I think you're right - that is one of the descriptions for our astrological sign. We love to start projects, but finishing them? Not so much. LOL
MKearns Premium
Spread your ventures over many opportunities!
Elijah1916 Premium
Well, you need to prioritise my dear. I will advise not to give up on eBay completely, unless of course you want a new direction.