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November 22, 2020
I opened an email this morning with the subject line - "What's Holding You Back From Being Successful?". It covered the basics that we've all heard...- Not knowing your "Why". What's important to us.- A clear vision of what we want. Do you have it written down?- A plan. How are you going to get there.- Consistency. The most important but hardest thing to do.- Accountability.It all begins with WHYWhy do you want to be successful? What's driving you to be successful? What's your Why?W
Cleanliness 101!It absolutely floors me that we have to remind people to wash their hands. I get that we can get lazy and maybe not scrub our hands as long as we should. But, come on people, wash your hands! :)A Little HumorCome on now, please don't get offended. The headline was to grab your attention not to insult you...unless you are one of those that don't wash your hands. LOL!What Has Caught Your Attention During This Pandemic?A few things that seem interesting to me are...... The empty
Are you feeling the impact of the Coronavirus?Festivals, sporting events and conferences are being canceled. The event industry is taking a beating. Companies are going to start laying off employees due to the mass amount of cancellations.Many other events have been canceled. Schools are closing for at least a day or two to either disinfect or to come up with a plan to deal with the epidemic.Disinfectants and Hand SanitizerThere isn't a disinfectant wipe to be found in my local grocery store
What's Your Number One Focus for 2020?The new decade is here!Have you put together Resolutions or Goals for the new year and new decade?I'm a goal person. Resolutions to me are just decisions to do or not to do something. For example, a resolution is... "I'm going to lose weight this year." As opposed to a goal... "I'm going to live a healthier life style. To do so I'm going to eat more plant base (look up recipes), exercise 3 time a week (yoga or Pilates) and stretch for 10 minutes each day.
30 Day ChallangeLast year I did a 30-Day Challenge with Mel Robbins called "Mindset Reset". It was a great way not only to set goals for the new year and learn how to create new habits, but I also learned how to get myself in the right frame of mind.I learned the importance of a morning routine. Gathering my thoughts and outlining my day in a journal helps me get off to a good start every day. My journal is digital. I created mine in OneNote that follows a similar format to Mel's "5 Second
September 06, 2019
Within the last 24 hours my ranking moved up more than a thousand spots! Wow!Over six months ago, I wrote a post about making your first Amazon sale. You can see it here...(psych! It's against WA rules to link to posts. :) )Anyway, two people in particular didn't agree with the post. The one has been here about ten months and is in the top 100. The other person has been at WA for about two weeks and completed all five levels of the training in less than 8 days...a pretty amazing feat to get
February 17, 2019
Update: September 6, 2019 - The original post was written February 18, 2019 The fear of getting dropped by AmazonI've seen many comments about people being dropped by Amazon for not making enough sales in the first 180 days. Yes, some of those who get dropped may have jumped the gun in becoming an Amazon affiliate. Yes, it's best to wait until you create a bit of quality content and have some traffic going to your site before you apply to be an Amazon affiliate.For those who have quality cont
Hello WA Family! I wish all of you the Merriest of Christmases! I hope you enjoy a very happy and safe Holiday Season with your family and friends!
There's no doubt as to how thorough and terrific the training is here at WA. But I think the greatest asset of Wealthy Affiliate is the people.Kyle, Carson and Jay lead the way setting the example of being helpful and encouraging.It never ceases to amaze me how knowledgeable, supportive and helpful this community is. Everything from members blogs, trainings and LiveChat....simply amazing! The WA search engine does a great job of organizing things by topic. It's sooo easy to find answers her
When I logged into WA a couple of weeks ago, a box popped up with number 150 and "Congratulations for being in the top 200." Three things came to mind when I saw that box. I thought...1. So that's why people post about making the top 200. WA asks you if you want to share your accomplishment with the community.2. The Top 200... that's cool!3. The Top 200... oh crap! Am I spending too much time on WA and not enough time doing the training and working on my website?Freaked Out!So yes, making