The World Wide Web - A Little Piece of Heaven

Last Update: March 26, 2017

As I gathered my thoughts about why someone should consider working on-line after retirement, I realized that the internet provides acceptance of each and every one of us.

There is no discrimination due to age, gender, race, religion, education, abilities, skills, training, political views, etc.

There is total acceptance of every person.

What we are told about heaven, is that there will be room for all of us and that we will all be accepted there, despite our differences.

There are millions of us on the web, as there will be millions of us in heaven, we hope. We don't squeeze one another out, instead we make room for one another.

Maybe we have been given the world wide web as a tiny indication of how wonderful it would be to live in a world where no discriminations existed.

Maybe the web is a little peak at what heaven promises to be...a place where all are accepted and everyone can shine.

Yes, I am a dreamer...


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spurway Premium Plus
If we don't have dreams we can not survive.
Me too,
thanks for sharing
cheers Sylvia
MichaelGB Premium
Nice message Susan, thank you.
JeanineBrown Premium
Hi Susan,
I feel the same way!! You are absolutely right when you say that
world wide web does not discriminate.
Thanks for your posting!!

amgolf Premium
WWW. is the piece of Heaven.
Are you an angle residence.
MKearns Premium
Here is a post of mine Susan that sets the right spiritual tone. The web and heaven as well as the universe are infinite. I'm glad by chance I have met you in it!