Enamoured With Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 06, 2017

I am thrilled to be a part of this great community of "learners" and "doers"!

I began my journey with WA on the 14th of March 2017.

I have been diligently following my lessons and trying to learn as much as possible.

So far I am on Course 2 and finishing Lesson 10 in the Certification Course and on Course 1, Lesson 8 in the Affiliate Bootcamp program.

I have worked on my assignments everyday, except for an 8 day break that I spend on a vacation to Mexico with my daughter and her family! (Actually, I brought my computer with me to Mexico because I could not imagine not knowing what was happening at WA while I was out of the country!)

I think WA has become something I just don't ever want to be without. It is life giving, rewarding and uplifting. I know I am progressing and moving towards my goal every time I get on the Wealthy Affiliate site.

The feedback and built in recognition of our progress is fabulous! What a great way to learn. I just LOVE it.

I compare my time with WA to reading a great novel. I stay awake late at night engulfed in the lure the program. I anxiously return to my assignments early in the morning and I dread the day when I will finish all my lessons because like any great novel, you don't really want it to end!

I do realize that reaching the end of my lessons will actually be a spring board into new adventures that I will have laid the ground work for during my work with WA.

I am truly impressed with the structure, design and goals of the Wealthy Affiliate program. It is an excellent model for teaching complicated and abstract concepts to people with little or no knowledge of the world wide web's capacity to generate an income.

I am proud of the progress I am making so far and I can't wait to impress myself with my websites!

Thank you, Kyle and Carson for developing this wonderful program and "Thank You" to all the people here who reach out and help!

I am happy to be here. Life is Good at Wealthy Affiliate!

Susan MacNeil

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Cparlee Premium
thanks for following me. i am inspired by your upbeat attitude. nothing succeeds like success!
LindaF Premium
I think you meant Enamorado..........in Love with(: me too si you tomorrow Linda
MrTwayner Premium
Amen, Sister............
MKearns Premium
Good morning Susan. I know what you mean. When I go on writing trips I never used to haul a laptop along but WA changed all that. It's a life transforming obsession now! That's great on your progress! Any bumps give me a holler! :)
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you!
I really appreciate the support!
I will take you up on your offer to help.
Sometimes I spend too much time trying to figure out things on my own.
I am going to break that bad habit and reach out for help when I get stuck.
You have been a wonderful encourager!
Thank you!
MKearns Premium
I appreciate that Susan. Makes my day! :)
zoeccess Premium
Thank you for sharing Susan, good luck for all your efforts may you get what you truly deserve.
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you. I hope the same for you!