What things I don't like about Word Press that need to change.

Last Update: July 23, 2017

First off I love to write about the niche that I am trying to help people who are out there trying to find solutions to their Paranormal Problems of a Newly purchased Home or Mansion that the Realtor didn't tell them that their New Fixer upper was really abandoned because it Haunted.

Though when I am trying to write within Word Press here on WA. I have got some issues with the many different types of limitations that I am finding on WP. For one the Full word Press is not installed that helps me to write better. There is no Spell Check. This is frustrating to me.

Next I can't underline what important words need to be Emphasized in the Post that is a continuation of the main Article in niche topic. All of this is to emphasize the basic writing needs. I realize I still have lots to learn here within WA, and WP, but common People.

Please let the writer, Write with abandenment so that they can get their thoughts out in a fluent way. Like they are trying to talk with the customer on an emotional way of speech manner. Otherwise some of us loose our train of thought. That's why I wish that the Google WP was here on WA so I had everything on here that I need.

Another problems I am having is that on the post section of the page. The Paragraph sides are pulled inwards and made narrow, but I can't see why that is. Since a Post is not just a small Article but the same size. So what is that all about?

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LindaF Premium
Susan I went to your profile to see where you are at in your training. To see where I could help.

You have been here only three months and you are still on only lesson 1 in certifications.

To be able to iron out your problems you should follow the step by step that the courses have for you.

Your post on "are you setting goals" One of your priority’s is to work on this so you will have better understanding on how your web site works and how it will work better for you.

Ask question to the community they are very helpful, don't struggle on your own.

Always a better way
Susan11 Premium
Actually, I am on course 2 lessons 4 of the certification program.
LindaF Premium
You will be fine everything might seem juggled right now but it does get better. with in your lessons, Kyle will indicate your next step. Step by step and as you go you get a better understanding.

Maybe I should have said completed. Give me a jingle if you need help
RHBarlow Premium
Thanks for sharing info.
Pepeiata Premium
I'm with you too. Thanks for sharing that
Catwoman1459 Premium
I use Grammarly to help me with spelling and grammar. It's a great tool and easy to use.
I also installed a plugin called WP Edit, it has many features that you can add to your button row while you are writing in the edit mode.
Many other options can be found under Appearance. This will vary with themes. If the theme does not have the settings you want, look for another one.
Hope this helps!
MHulsizer Premium
If you go to the SiteRubix button and then select the SiteContent function it allows some different options for writing including the underlining option. I has much allows you to check spelling and grammar and gives you word count. I use this option and love it! The only problem is that once you publish it you have to use WP to edit it, and you have to use WP to add images. But for basic writing it is great!

Hope this helps!