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December 07, 2018
2018 started out with high hopes for most people. Here at WA business went on as usual. But 2018 also brought with it some tragedies that left many of us shaking our head and left us wondering what life really is all about. Is it money? Is it popularity or just peace of mind. In my old mind at 55 I have come to realize that it's really all about family and those we give our hearts to. In 2005 when I was diagnosed with menengitis and left with some cognitive issues I really started thinking abou
Since most of us are writing blogs for our website already I figured I would share with you an easy way to get money for your membership. You can create an account at, go to the writing and blogging section and create a gig where you write blogs for people. They order the blogs for the same thing you are already blogging about, niches. I have been a writer on Fiverr since 2012 and have completed close to 1000 blogs for people. I started small and wrote 500 words for 5.00. As time wen
I'll admit I am guilty of falling prey to too many distractions. I have a pretty busy life even though I don't work a traditional J.O.B. anymore. I retired myself as a fire alarm technician and electrician a few years ago after a horrible bout of menengitis in my early 40's. I learned a lot of lessons from that ordeal mostly being that all of us are just mortal beings. I was like everyone else, sitting in grid lock traffic behind a sea of cars inching towards work in California traffic. Then so
For anyone who doesn't think you can make money with a bootcamp website I wanted to show some proof. While I am not one of the big dogs rolling in the cash flow, I have proved to myself that steady work does produce results. This may not seem like a lot of money but it just about covers my whole membership for the month and the month isn't over yet. In fact I haven't really paid much of anything as far as membership fees for quite a while. It's a good feeling knowing that your hard work pays of
Don't Listen To The Devil On Your Shoulder!I know what goes on in your mind. You're writing and you think. "Why do I keep doing this? Why am I writing blog after blog?" Then that little red devil with it's pitchfork climbs up on your shoulder and says "Yea. Why are you bothering? Let's go get drunk or let's sit and feel sorry for ourselves. Come on it'll be fun!"The funny thing is we all have that little devil that pops up every now and again and it may be sitting on your shoulder right now. It
My Little ExperimentI tried an experiment with myself lately and that is helping random people when I am out doing stuff. Normally I am somewhat hyper aware and go through task methodically trying not to get distracted by this that and the other. Being a Marine Corps veteran this is something I have struggled with for many years and eventually led me to seek some help and counselling with. I was offered the suggestion to start to help people, not in some huge way but to do something small like
o For those of you who have considered going yearly at Wealthy Affiliate I have to say that in hindsight it is exactly what I should of done. Why do I say this now? Because I am now at a point where my membership is being paid for through my efforts on here. I no longer need to shell out the close to $50.00 a month for my monthly membership. It's a good feeling because for many months I pondered whether or not this whole thing was even going to work. I stuck with it for over two years but now m
I remember years ago as a 17 year old Marine in boot camp in San Diego I came in a shy hesitant young man who had his mind more on surfing than actually earning a living at anything. But I thought I knew it all. I could surf like a rock star, had cool friends and loved hanging out and going to the teeny bop clubs. Bootcamp was a rude awakening with the lights turning on at 0430 in the morning, trashcan lids banging, screaming drill instructors screaming we had five minutes to be dressed and ou
I hear a lot of people saying that outsourcing content is not worth it. And that you should be looking at outsourcing to better writing platforms than say But, if you look to Fiverr and do a good search of some blogging and article writers you can still find some gems in the rough. I'm not saying that these writers are top-notch but they can produce a readable article for $5.00 still. As a former Fiverr writer I can say during my time there I produced over 1000 articles for pe
Yesterday I got in touch briefly with my best friend from childhood. Over the years this man had turned into an angry raging alcoholic and I pretty much removed myself from being any where near him about 15 years ago. So, when I saw that he had sent me a message I wanted to see if he had changed. Not to my surprise he hadn't and was talking about how he was always a better surfer and how I had gone to be an East Coast "Kook" (slang in surfing). Basically this is a guy who never grew up and the