What Is Your Motivation?

Last Update: March 16, 2014

Ok. It's time to address the 500 lb. gorilla in the room.

When I decided to create my website, I had to ask myself what my motivation was. The reasons why I am motivated to do what I do are many and varied. Here are a few of them:

Do I Like What I Do? I do. I really like the business I have created. If you like what you do, its not really work, is it? Why not do what you like to do, and create a business out of something you want to do. If you do, the results will be their own reward.

How Much Money Do I Want To Make? This seems like such a straightforward question, but it should be well defined because your efforts are always commensurate with your efforts. Little effort, little payoff. Massive effort, massive payoff. Setting income goals for yourself also keeps you on track. If you want to earn just a bit more than you are at your present job, so you can become unemployed and quit your job, then that is one thing. If you want to become financially secure, that is quite another. It requires dedication and focus.

How Money Can I Make? This is always in the back of my mind. The nice thing about making sales online is that you can scale your efforts. With some good intel, training and some pointers, anyone can become a sales force. If you believe that you can make only one sale in a month from a piece of searchable content, then it stands to reason that you could make one sale per month, each and every month from that same piece. You created it once and it continues to be relevant and profitable. You don't have to expend much more effort to sell it again and again. Create more and multiply the effect. Rinse and repeat.

Do I Enjoy Helping People? Essentially, if I didn't enjoy helping solve problems or helping people get what they want, I'm probably not going to succeed in anything. If you enjoy helping and seeing others succeed, you will be successful yourself.

Is it possible to build a successful online business? The great thing about an online business is that it can continue to grow and become an authoritative voice or recognizable brand. Again, with the right training and pointers in the right direction, almost anyone can do this. Whereas regular bricks and mortar businesses face logistical barriers to growth such as size, number of personnel and internal infrastructure, online businesses have far fewer barriers.

Is an online business worthwhile, or worth as much as a regular type of business? As a regular bricks and mortar business owner, I can tell you that it is far better to build an online business. Regular types of businesses rely on people to do things and infrastructure to get it done. Not to mention all of the bureaucracy, overhead, office politics, meetings... the list goes on and on. Online efforts are so much more rewarding. Create epic content and you will be rewarded with a never ending supply of traffic. Engage with and help your audience and you will be rewarded with a faithful following.

An online business is not a pipe dream. To be sure, there are a lot of pit falls and so many ways to get side tracked and to not be successful. That is why I'm grateful for the training and help I've received at Wealthy Affiliate. With the right training, it is possible to literally start without any online knowledge and be able to build and grow a business into a successful enterprise. It does not have to cost a lot either, as it is possible to do it yourself rather than having to buy expensive website building software or services.

If this has been helpful, I'm glad I could help. In fact, that is the real subject of my website: helping others to realize that they can turn their passion into a profitable business. The central message is that with all of the platforms available for content creation, all you really need is the right motivation and a little bit of help.

If you have any comments, please let me know. I'm here to help. Check out the full article on my blog.


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Affiliateer Premium
Excellent post! Really gets the message across.
Super Al Premium
Thanks, man
Wayne Wallace Premium
Great post thanks!
Super Al Premium
Thanks Wayne!
Poetman Premium
Love the Gorilla! That face is just too perfect for some days! I bet he's having a hard time not smiling inside though...

Motivation..such an inspiration, motivation..why you like to write! First you write down all your thoughts, knowing it's not all for naught...write 'em down, go to town..ohohohoh motivation, such an inspiration, motivation, the only way to write!

Sorry, the child's tune came to mind there...anyhoo, my motivation has many layers. It gives me peace within. It acts as a mind-silencer at bedtime. If I get it all down on the screen, there's nothing to think about when I lie down.

Helping others, another motivation but it's more a subconscious thing. I don't sit down and type thinking "This is going to help someone or I'm a failure!" I just answer questions or voice my opinions as I see it, and in general, they seem to be well received.

Money. Well, yes-that is a pretty important one right now. 7 days in which to get a late rent to the office or we're out. I have faith though, and know that it will come.

Pain management. It drastically reduces/eliminates my migraine pain. When they are caused by inner turmoil and stress, getting the gunk out makes a huge difference.

So those are just a few of my motivations :)
Super Al Premium
Thanks, David. I too find writing cathartic, though sometimes what I end up with isn't exactly the most excellent post I thought I would be producing. Writing things down helps on many levels. Thanks for sharing!