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Last Update: January 09, 2019

On January 1, 2019, I read about being a Premium member. What is that all about?

Was it necessary? To stay in WA you do not have to become a Premium member, but as I read the benefits it definitely was an integral part of moving forward to have the best online business and be the best business owner. If I remained in the free program, I would still get all the help and guidance, but I wanted to make my business the best it could be. I was going to be a true business owner.

Premium gave me more options in developing my website or websites. I can have up 25 individual WordPress websites (not just the two in the free starter membership). I don't have to do any coding or programming. It's all in the package.

And of course, there are member perks! You can work towards free seminars in wonderful locations where you will meet some of those at WA who have been offering you so much help and encouragement. Your chance to network in person with some of those that have made their dreams have come true.

The first month you are able to try the membership to see if it is what you want. You are not obligated. So I had nothing to lose.

It is a win-win situation!

So today, here I am, a Premium member and I have never regretted a moment of my decision. It has only been a positive move all the way. So I would encourage anyone that has not yet become a Premium member to join today!

You are on your way!

And best wishes for Success in 2019!

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MAXINEG Premium Plus
Congratulations on going premium, Phyllis

I wish you much success here

dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Welcome home and congratulations on becoming a premium member. You will not regret your decision. WA is the best educational experience you can receive on the internet to learn about everything from affiliate market, to web design, drop shipping and everything in between. You have access to successful internet marketers 24/7 to help you with questions, Live weekly Webinars, with Jay. These webinars are cutting edge up to date topics.
I want to offer you a few words of advice.
Fill out your profile with some details so the community can get to know you. If you have a question, please ask, the community wants to help. Many of our members write new training. You will find this further training all most daily. Also, the most important information I can leave for you is Spam is a NO NO ( Join me on my journey to financial freedom. Lets shot to the moon!
SummarsPlace Premium
Thank you Sandy for the welcome! I

I am finding everything you said to be true! I don't think there is a better educational program for starting your own online business.

Trying to keep everyone up on my progress. This is my first experience at "blogging". I am sure I will have questions along the way.

I have my rocket ship ready. I will meet you on the moon!

Following you, hope you follow me back.