I Ate The Forbidden Fruit - The "Delete Draft" Feature

Last Update: March 02, 2019

Its funny how things keep going wrong with my WA blog posts, if you read my first blog you will understand that it wasn't meant to be my first! I wasn't even supposed to write that but one thing led to another and another which gave birth to my "now" WA 1st blog post.

Circumstances led to events so I didn't really feel bad about what I wrote, I loved it if you ask me. I just brought it up because it was unplanned and it used a position I kept for another. Since I wrote that, I wanted to still write something planned, some thing of general value and understanding so this morning I started to write a blog post titled "The Man Stopping Your Growth Here in WA". Yes I found out who he is and how he operates! and for almost two hours from when i woke up without leaving the bed I laid down writing that blog post to compensate for my unplanned 1st blog post.

I knew you would have loved it because of a truth I was able to explain who and who are stopping the growth of others here. But again circumstances did alter the turn of events. After putting in the time, and risking my self and WA account due to the information I uncovered , and the number of persons I exposed in the process Some thing tragic happened!

It hurts me up till now, I had already exposed everything with just 1057 words, I had inserted pictures, names and tags of the persons involved in this act. I had completed the blog post, checked spelling and even tried to post it so everyone would know too before suddenly I took a bite of the "Forbidden Fruit" and all was gone in an instance.

While I was trying to proof read one more time I mistakenly hit the "DELETE DRAFT" button and my TO BE 2nd Blog post was gone in an instance! Yes gone forever. Only to be rewritten if I wanted to still expose the man stopping your growth.

The delete draft function has taken all that away now and Which has resulted to this 2nd blog post which is unplanned just like my first blog post.

well since I like adding value, I have decided to use this my by force 2nd blog post to educate you to be very careful while dealing with the "DELETE DRAFT" button as it can ruin your day as it has tried to do to mine today ( am not allowing that).

The message here is just to be careful especially while writing your WA blogs as the effect of this button is irreversible and does not mind if you had written 3 million words lol.

Well stay tuned as I have started working on my 3rd blog post titled "The Man Stopping Your Growth Here In WA.

I am here to add Value.

important note : I am not going to spend so much time proof reading this particular post as its now obvious that " Delay Is Dangerous " and if you want to write content you better do it as fast as possible cause 2 seconds might be too late.

I did not even check spelling lol


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nevrob Premium
If you should ask me i dont think that that is stopping your growth really wants to be exposed,so he is always working behind the scenes to block any thing he does not like said about him.But inspite fo the difficulties keep trying any how.
SugaH Premium
Hahaha very funny sir, I had the same thought the moment I knew I could do nothing about my lost blog post thatThe man stopping my growth was definitely behind it no doubt!.lol
Hope you are doing great sir?
you need to stay far away from distraction
SugaH Premium
Yes I totally agree with you. note taken