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April 10, 2014
I am starting this off by asking a question, do you know what your passionate about? There really is no bad passion and there is as many passions as there are stars in the sky , one person could be passionate about gulf and the person beside them could be passionate about fashion. That is the wonderful thing about the internet in that you can find people in what ever niche you are passionate about, try that out on the street, I have made more friends in my niche over the years that it is incred
The few that do are the envy of the many that stand by and only wish. There is no truer statement. Give me a room full of miserable people these are the people that are upset with their situation and are ready for change, I challenge you to try to sell a business opp to a room full of happy satisfied people. The best part is if someone is miserable you just have to stand there and listen to their complaints and when they run out of steam you ask them one simple question, Would You Like To Do So
April 06, 2014
I have been working online now for a couple of years now. In the beginning all that I was thinking about is how can I make money online. I guess this is pretty normal for a newbie, after awhile I had enough experience with what has not worked at all for me and that I had spent money and wasted a lot of my time on programs,safelists and countless other traffic producing programs that got me nowhere in the way of either signups or any king of living for my family. Sound familiar, anyway after a w