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Last Update: November 09, 2016

Well here I am inside of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined a long time ago. But like they say along came something shinier, so I went there. Like most newbies I was looking for something quick.Now I know It doesn't exist. I did learn a few thing along the way. I am still not knowledgeable about computers. It takes me awhile to get things figured out. That is what is nice about WA, there is always someone that can help me over a rough spot.

When I was going through the training, in the early part, I got my rank down into the high one thousands, now it's up again as I have been concentrating on the lessons only.I am now on Course 2 Lesson 10. I moved away from lesson 9 as I couldn't figure some of it out.

I am a premium member so that I could have my own domain name. I have two websites ( ( with some content that I have written myself with the help of a lot of reading. I can compose an article from things that I have learned from the years that I have been trying to make some of these systems work. I am getting into things now in these lessons that are new to me. Once I have gone through all of this a few times I will wonder how come I had such a hard time!!!!

I was hoping to be a lot further into this course by now but with restraints on my time and my not knowing what I was doing, here I am. My summers are very busy so I will not get as far ahead as I had planned when I started this project. But I will Spend as many spare minutes as I can at it.

So far I have been having fun, for the most part,, I always enjoy learning something new.

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JudeP Premium
Onwards and upwards...good luck as you progress and be sure to ask for help when you need to :)
verazhelvis Premium
Wish you a lot of success...:)
tracyq66 Premium
Welcome back stretch, now you know you're in the right place I'm sure you'll find the success you're looking for, best of luck to you :)
MyraBeth Premium
Hang in there. Your website is off to a great start. All the best.
jrmcd1 Premium
Hi stretch, your not alone with these type of issues, it happens to everybody at some time, the good part is you realized what happens and you are back, good on you for that.

The way to ensure that you progress is to set a particular time aside just to do this, like 2 hours a day or every 2 days say between 7 - 9 in morning or evening and don't let anything change your plan.

If you rely on a haphazard approach you will never succeed. Its no different to an offline job, you have a time to start work and a time to finish if you don't for-fill your obligation to your job you don't have one.
The internet is a tough gig and there is NO easy way it takes time and commitment.
That's the end of the sermon I hope you have every success with your Internet adventure.
Good Luck.