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Last Update: January 14, 2014

"Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4

I am distressed, at times, when I see the dreams and aspirations of the ones around me, shot down, and denied the support necessary to develop that dream into a reality. Much like a weightlifter needs a spotter when he decides to push the limits of his ability to maximize the potential of his body; it is wise to work out in the gym of life with a spotter as you take on the weights necessary to maximize the potential of your life.

It is my purpose, I believe, to position myself as an available spotter, ready to meet you at the weight benchof life and give you the assistance you need to get the results you desire. As a spotter, I will encourage you to dismiss the cries of the naysayers, and eliminate the distractions of self-sabotage as you focus on the pursuit of your purpose in life.

You are here for a reason. This reason is not predicated (or dependent) upon your religion, race, creed, or any other label that man assigns to group people with. The reason you are here can only be truly defined by YOU.

How can another man know the mind, intent, and self-defined belief of a man unless he confess it or accept the description assigned to him, in practice, by the others around him?


You can only BE what you define yourself to be. Either you come to this conclusion in your own careful analysis of all the variables associated with your existence, or you accept, as a matter of fact, the definition someone else gives you to believe.

In this age of information, it is proven to be most effective when you define your life for yourself. You can only make this decision if you decide to dismiss, completely, the label given to you by someone else. This process of repentance, or returning to the truth of who you were made to be, is paramount in achieving the things that you were made to do. You MUST decide to seek truth, in purpose, for yourself.

I'm not suggesting you dismiss the counsel of others. I am saying that you should consider the counsel of others and make a decision that YOU believe is the decision to make concerning your life.

Blind faith in the faith of a man's blind assessment of your life, is the ultimate example of 'the blind leading the blind'. There is no man that can define your purpose or chart out the course of your life. This responsibility is unique only to you, as OWNER of your life.


When you decide to truly OWN your life, you will find that the confident power of faith in your defined purpose, will propel you past every obstacle that comes against you. You will begin to gain understanding of the reason why there is a force that oppress you, constantly coming against you in your pursuit of purpose. You will grow in the knowledge and wisdom (application of knowledge) of how to use this opposition to propel you to your GREATNESS that you seek.

Money, as much as you may ignorantly believe, is not the prize in this life. Understanding is the true prize. In all of your getting, get an understanding. When you can truly understand your purpose, and how to best affect it, you will no doubt, achieve it. You KNOW now. And when you know better, you will do better.


I encourage you to come to KNOW the power that lies inside of you. This power has been placed inside of you to understand who you are, where you are, and where you are going. When you understand these things, you will be able to operate, responsibly, in these areas. You will KNOW how to OWN where you are, OWN who you are, and OWN where you are going.

This is the purpose of life. OWNERSHIP. It drives every decision man will make. The problem is when a man considers his ownership in relationship to what he has vs what another man has. He fails to understand the power inside of himself to get what he needs to achieve his purpose, as he covets the perceived manifestation of purpose in another person's life. This covetousness will always lead to dissension because you take your focus off of cultivating your OWN life and put it on trying to figure out how you can benefit from the fruits of another person's life.

In you lies the road map for your life. You must only look within, humbly, to awaken the giant of PURPOSE in your life. The power to KNOW you is inside of you. Seek it out. Use the world as your school, and the ability to assess information for yourself online as your library. The advice of others is good, but it's the beliefs you accept in your life that will produce fruit in your life.

"Herein is my Father (the maker) glorified (or proved in the full manifestation of purpose in his creation), that ye bear much fruit..." Jesus (emphasis and explanation added)

Feel free to comment on this page below. I look forward to a dialogue with you,as we work out in the gym of life together. You spot me... I'll spot you. How about that?

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Powerful writing and powerful thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
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Such a wonderful post. Thank you for taking the time to right it and share.
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Awesome and very true!
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My man Joe... what do you know? Let's get it!