Own where you are (in life)

Last Update: January 15, 2014


Where you are is real. Don’t fool yourself. Life, up unto this point, has happened. No matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ life has been to you, it is where you are that matters the most. You must own where you are. Remember when you own it, you have the ultimate say on what’s done with it. It is imperative, at this point, that you understand that where you are, is what you own, and what you own is what you have to work with.

I’m not suggesting you own it with the intent of staying in that state forever, I am saying own it so you can know that because you own it, you can do with it what you want to do with it. So if you find yourself in the home of a depressed person… OWN IT. There have been many plots of land that held the home of a depressed man that have been remodeled to be the homes of fortune 500 CEO’s. If you find yourself in the home of a convicted felon… OWN IT. I personally know scores of felon properties that have been rehabbed to be the homes of successful business owners.


The freedom you so long for, to be manifested in your life, requires that you take ownership of where you are NOW. The universe was designed to respond to the confidence of ownership, as it will give you only what you accept as yours. It will reward you, only with the reward of your belief.

Now is the time to own the fact that where you are is the gift that life has afforded to you. It is your responsibility, as owner, to make the strategic decisions to cause the construction you deem necessary, to command the results that you believe best represent your belief of what's possible in your life.

You must understand that it is the struggle that produce results. It is only when you come against your opposition, that you build the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical muscle necessary to master the best use of your land. It is the opposition you face that will cause you to become aware of the force necessary to affect the change in your life. If you assess that what is oppressing your progress is greater than your ability to operate in the face of the struggle, you must address your mastery of your muscles. If your oppression is perceived great, then you must understand that your land is worth it. No one undertakes the risk of conquering, if they don't assess the reward of conquering to be worth it.


Understanding and OWNING where you are will position you to prove the worth of where you are.


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boomergp08 Premium
This is so true because you cannot make a change for the better until you own the reality of the problem that is keeping you from achieving your goals. I couldn't cure myself of cancer until I accepted what I had, embraced it, made it my own, and sought the God-given ways to destroy it without the medical quackery of western medicine. Owning the negative to achieve the positive has happened and continues to happen, since the beginning of time. The only ones who succeed are the ones who own their misfortune and then conquer their misfortune.
StreetCEO Premium
COME ON WIT THE TRUTH MY MAN! The negative has its purpose... as much as the negative in your car is necessary... to START that thang. After that it's useless. Gotta put it all together to move this life... I believe. Bless my man and thanks for the comment.
boomergp08 Premium
You're welcome.