3 weeks in premium progress

Last Update: December 10, 2017

I have been involved with WA for 3 weeks and it is the best thing I have ever done online business wise. Here are some of the things I have achieved with my project a fairway code

Top ranking on Google, bing and yahoo for a fairway code search. I haven't really started on keyword articles yet.

An average of 60 views per post across social media channels. A combination of existing networks but predominantly WA comments and connections thank you. The more social connections I make the quicker my name gets out there.

An average of 8 hits on my site daily with 50% return readers again predominantly WA guys thank you.

And I have earned my first money without even realising by just following instructions in a class !

So overall very satisfied. And I haven't even started yet.

So thank you to Kyle and team and a special thanks to the WA community for making this trip an enjoyable experience.

If you would like to follow my ramblings on social media I am on

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and Instagram as a fairway code.

So thank you everyone and have a good Christmas and a great new year.

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GailLowe Premium Plus
This is a great start and you are doing really well. It's such a fun place to be that it's worth it just for the buzz of connecting with so many great people. All the best to you. :) Gail
Stims Premium
Thank you Gail this place is special such lovely people and awesome opportunity and information.