On Being Stuck, Procrastination And Other Demons That Beset Us

Last Update: August 20, 2019

Since joining WA last June I have seen a fair amount of people drift into the feeds for a while then drift away. Some will have given up on building a web business (at least on this platform) others will get some basics then go chasing shiny objects for a while hoping to speed up the process of getting rich.

For those of us that stick it out to go for our dreams we have to do the work, which isn't always easy.

Like some others on the site I am more of a dedicated dabbler than a head strong e-preneur. For a lot of us here it's a side gig, something to bring a needed extra income or the start to breaking away from the Monday to Friday drudge. In my case I am working to supplement my retirement funds (just in case I live a long life) and being retired you would think finding time to work at a web business should be easy but, somehow, it's not.

I have always been a procrastinator, figuring that by putting things off to the very last moment circumstances may change and I would'wouldn't have to do whatever it was. That rarely happens but I do have to keep hoping.

Now please don't think I'm lazy because that just isn't the case. When I'm meant to be working on content for my sites I can clean and vacuum my office, do dishes, wash the car, walk the dog and just about anything other than write content. Eventually I do write the content (in my nice clean office) but what a journey to get there.

Sometimes web content and site maintenance do get a priority in my schedule, that is usually when I am putting off doing something else.

To combat the pervasive procrastination I have taken to a new mantra I made up to trick myself:

Procrastinate tomorrow; Today create.

So I'm procrastinating on procrastination. We'll have to see how that goes.

Another big issue for some of us (me) is just being stuck on what to write. Sometimes it can feel as though a niche is extremely tight and coming up with fresh content ideas near impossible. I'm sure even the most successful marketers will have this issue at some point.

To help get my mind moving in different directions around the same topic I look to crossword puzzles. One of the things about doing a crossword is that you can't rely on the usual everyday responses. Your mind has to work to re frame and come up with a new angle on whatever the clue is.

Another thing I realised when doing crosswords that has helped my writing is the 'get it down' factor. Instead of just thinking I might have the answer I fill it in on the puzzle. Once out of my head and on paper I can see if it fits, looks right, does it correspond to the other answers.

The same goes for content articles. Instead of working the article through in my head I now put all my thoughts down on (digital) paper to see how things fit together. This really works well when I have several concepts that I need to blend into a single cohesive article.

And lastly there is the 'ooh what's that?' factor of distraction. This can be anything from email (you can turn it off), to something out the window or my wife asking what's for dinner or my dog asking what's for dinner or ......

Distractions, real or imagined, need to be controlled or nothing happens.

A good start is keeping your work space door shut (if you have one) when working, tell housemates that you will be working and ask not to be disturbed unless by a fireman because the place is in flames. The same goes even if you don't have a door.

When you open your computer to work don't open your personal email or social media sites, put the computer on Airplane mode and go for it.

If you have read this article it's because, unfortunately, you can relate. I wish you luck with your venture. I will leave you with a favourite quote of mine from the Grand Daddy of quote meisters.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Steve looks like you are making that transition, to the other side.

Procrastination can be one of those things that can end up being a show stopper. There are so many folks that suffer in silence.

That is a sharp observation, many folks arrive here in WA and when that euphoric honeymoon phase drys up they drift on.

What a lot of folks miss is that the community here in WA can be so supportive, and also helpful smoothing out that road bump's that we all encounter.

Best wishes as you continue with your journey.
SteveHawley Premium
Hi Alex - thank you for your comments.
You are right about the WA community they are truly supportive and like you say in your bio it does feel like the right place to be.

Shierly Premium
Hi! Steve, yes, I can relate for being a working mom , I have so much to do in my mind that sometimes I do not know what to do first specialy when I am home with the kids. So, I mostly sit down in front of my computer anytime I woke up at night and cannot sleep anymore because of this undone works in my mind.So, I need to work on it even slowly as long as I do not stop (I learned from that qoute...Thank You!).
SteveHawley Premium
Hi Shierly - I am so glad you like the quote, I have it pinned over my desk to always remind me.
It's like building a stone wall out of pebbles.
Here's to your success.