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Since joining WA last June I have seen a fair amount of people drift into the feeds for a while then drift away. Some will have given up on building a web business (at least on this platform) others will get some basics then go chasing shiny objects for a while hoping to speed up the process of getting rich.For those of us that stick it out to go for our dreams we have to do the work, which isn't always easy.Like some others on the site I am more of a dedicated dabbler than a head strong e-pren
June 17, 2018
Suresounds easy when someone says “you JUST connect the thangy to thethingy reboot and your away – making money in no time” but as anynewbie will tell you it’s really not always that easy.That’spart of the reason I’m enjoying my WA membership so much becausewhenever a ‘thangy needs to be connected to a thingy’ there isalways a video or post to explain how that actually happens.Pluson the rare occasion there is no specific training available there&