“Just” Do It!

Last Update: June 17, 2018

Suresounds easy when someone says “you JUST connect the thangy to thethingy reboot and your away – making money in no time” but as anynewbie will tell you it’s really not always that easy.

That’spart of the reason I’m enjoying my WA membership so much becausewhenever a ‘thangy needs to be connected to a thingy’ there isalways a video or post to explain how that actually happens.

Pluson the rare occasion there is no specific training available there’sa whole bunch of people on the site who are always more than happy tohelp and they’re quick with it too.

Havingspent (wasted) lots of time and money on Internet money makingschemes I was a little reticent to try yet another when I came acrossWA. Every one of them guarantees you will be making money in shortorder with their latest cutting edge doodads and algorithms. Not sowith WA. Just a lot of common sense.

Workthe program and it will work for you. Pretty straightforward.

SoI’ve been in the program about 3 weeks now and I’m workingthrough the Affiliate Bootcamp, later today I’ll be starting lesson8 phase 1. I’ve got my site up and populated with the necessarydisclaimers etc. and will be creating my traffic catching contentnext.

Ihave done this before with other programs, often they sort of expectyou to know a lot of the process in advance, even though they bill itas a beginners course. That’s where I usually loose interestbecause I don’t know what to do next and in what order.

Notso with WA, all the small steps are explained as we move along, Ilike knowing why I do something and what effects it has on my site.

Withthe WA training and platform I actually feel I can build a successfulonline business that will pay me consistently and that reallymotivates me to turn on my computer everyday and do a little bitmore.

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CandP Premium
The WA program is authentic, isn't it? All the tools we need are here and explained.
Wish you every success.
JeannineC Premium
That's great that you see the difference between WA and other programs. I couldn't agree with you more! If I can make one tiny suggestion, make sure to proofread before you post.