A Few Simple Things I've Learned :-)

Last Update: January 15, 2012

Day 9

A Few Simple Things I've Learned :-)

!) That I have to Click on [Create a New Blog Post] to add a new blog entry. (I guess to stood out too much for me to see it.)  [Edit Post] somehow was and is doing strange things, like eating my previous words.

2) If you click too many times on [Donate Gold] you can go into the negative. (Just like real Life!)

3) Set Do-able Steps for Myself each day (and don't get down on myself when I don't accomplish all the "interesting", "super important" opportunities to learn that pass my way each day.  They will still be there when I have learned enough to use them, or else things might have changed by then... :-)


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WealthandJoy Premium
I liked what you wrote. I had a hard time posting blogs with metatags. I found out that "Publish" was actually a drop down menu. Oh boy! Sometimes I do several drafts before publishing something, and that was a waste of time.
I especially like #3. Some things, just as working with photos and images take more time than blogging.
I need the steps for changing my "theme" on my website... I have to go search for that knowledge. Do you know a good place for that?