On the subject of Comments.

Last Update: August 29, 2015

I've recently involved myself in the WA comment trading program. Basically it's where I earn credits by giving comments for other peoples websites and in return spend those credits to purchase comments for my site. I get to choose the post or page I want to be read and commented upon. Then when someone steps up to offer a comment it is submitted to me for approval or rejection. The biggest reason for rejection is that the comment is not relevant. The comment should reflect that:

  • you've read the page or post that was presented to you
  • demonstrate that you understood what you've read
  • share your opinion about the content of the page or post you just read.

Your comment should not be about the niche, the layout of the site, edits and suggestions for the site or any technical opinions.

The Management recommends not cherry picking your offers but taking and persevering with the one you are offered. I have done that. Sometimes it's quite challenging when the topic makes my eyes glaze over, but I have found that I can read, understand and often even say something intelligent and insightful about a subject that I had no interest in whatsoever. That said, I do think that in certain cases where you absolutely cannot open your mind or heart to the website put before you, it's appropriate to leave.

Keep in mind that your comment is intended to show up on the webpage or post that you are reading to demonstrate reader engagement.

I usually spend about 15 minutes from start to finish. My goal is to produce a comment that shows I appreciate what was written, i have an opinion to share about what I read and if I learned something new, I mention that too.

As for the comments I receive on my website, I usually don't approve a one or two sentence comment. i don't see the authenticity in that.

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good advice on giving a qualified feedback on content.