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October 21, 2020
Dear Wealthy Affiliate family, after two years I am still trying to find the perfect spot where I will feel comfortable. I have been searching everyday for months and feel as if I can't get out the blocks. Yesterday I read something that made me sit up, and steered me in a new direction. It is still not very clear, and will like to hear your comments, but I'm getting there.At last after dekades, I understand. It gave me a feeling of homecoming.When I read of the 6 types of personalities, it cha
Dear Friends this is a can of worms and can have huge repercussions on your business if social media is part of it ...There is a movie out on Netflix that deals with this issue ... the name is Social Dilemma. There is a video on YouTube ... You will wish you watched this before you joined social media .....Will it start an anti movement, will it have an inpact on Internet businesses, or are we safe to still get the traffic needed?Would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.
May 11, 2020
Grateful is the word and then comes excitement! Thank you for creating this moment, our future depends on it! The fact that I don't have to worry about saving for membership, for the next 18 months is, a wonderful thought. This is so inspirational and motivating, I believe you will see a boost in activity and achievements.Thank you Kyle and Carson, you are heros to a lot of people.StellaBush Lady
November 21, 2018
So many times have we heard someone saying ... wooo I don't have the time ... little do we know how intricate time management can be.Time can never be stopped or regained, every second that has passed can never be retrieved, it is gone forever like water under a bridge. It is so easy to say I will spend a certain amount of time each day on my project, and you do, most of the time sitting even longer than you planned. The crucial element of time management is the quality you give it. If the minu
November 12, 2018
I have a wonderful brain that is alive every moment of the day producing many good ideas and patents but can fail me at times too.When listening to a tutorial my concentration can fly out the window into the creating world again. It gets so frustrating but I am doing my best to discipline reffeit to be present.The best way I found to solve this problem of mine is to take notes as I go. I wrote down the Website Building procedure lesson by lesson and step by step as punishment for not concentrat
November 10, 2018
As a roukie and not born with the genes to run through the process, the going can really get tough. It takes determination and patience to go back and try again and again ... but when you accomplish the task it creates a real eureka moment. The joy to see the rankings climb gives that proud feeling being part of a winning team. It is so motivating to jump every little hurdle towards your goal knowing you WILL get there.The support is tremendous, just like a toddler trying to walk .... everybo
November 09, 2018
With Alnino floating around in the ocean, we live with the unforgiving consequences there of here in the southern tip of Africa, making survival a hard one. With the Kgalagadi desert not too far away slowly creeping closer claming and turning soil to sand is heartbreaking. Living close to nature here in the bush we intensely feel all nature's moods. The last rain we had was during April earlier this year. It is seven months now and the elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, kudus, impalas to name a f