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Pre-Info:This is a post with 2 aims:1) To provide tips on how to break tasks down and not get overwhelmed by the big picture, and2) To provide an example of a listicle ("list" type of blog post). These types of articles are popular with readers and easy to put together. They're terrific for beginners who struggle to write informational posts.*************************************************************************************************Example Post Starts Here:5 Tips to Accomplish MoreIf you f
Hey Everyone :-)I saw an exchange on Live Chat this morning between Kyle and a member who was concerned about a drop in traffic on their site. They were concerned, like many people lately, about Google updates. However, Kyle, in his wisdom, pointed out something else.I wanted to share one important piece of what he said in the exchange because many people may have missed it:KYLE: Just never take the foot off the pedal, especially when things are going good. That is when you want to step on the
If you're like me, you don't start thinking about Halloween and Christmas until you have to. And, while I normally feel there's nothing wrong with that strategy, it isn't a good idea as a blogger.Those two holidays have huge potential for affiliate marketers. The amount spent during the fall shopping season is huge. But even more important, more and more people are doing their shopping online.According to Statista, holiday shopping e-commerce for 2018 is predicted to rise by another 15.3 percen
Yesterday, I enjoyed a whole lobster all to myself. This is significant because I only do it once a year. I have digestive issues and have to be careful what I eat.But I LOVE lobster. So once a year, when I'm doing well, I buy one whole lobster and eat every bite. It's divine! Any consequences are worth it.You may be wondering what this has to do with Wealthy Affiliate. I'll tell you.These days, when I engage in my annual lobster ritual, I have to go find a store or market and buy one. I get a
August 02, 2018
I wanted to share this info from our friend @boomergp08 (Robert) in case you haven't seen it yet. It's very important.As you can see from the title, the subject is how your website appears on mobile (cell phones, smartphones).Depending on your theme, your site may look very different to a visitor that is viewing it on their phone as opposed to a laptop.And, it needs to look a certain way to be reader-friendly on a phone. Plus, loading speed is important.Why does it matter? Because more and more
If you are interested in YouTube training that covers all the bases, you have come to the right place. The Live Training here at Wealthy Affiliate will connect the dots for ranking, producing, streaming, and advertising with YouTube videos. The YouTube Training ExpertYou will get this comprehensive training on how to use YouTube from the expert viewpoint of Jay (@magistudios), the Wealthy Affiliate Live Training Coach. He is an experienced and successful Internet marketer who demonstrates po
Writing content and trying to figure out how to increase word count is the thorn in the foot of many website owners.Outsourcing helps a bit when you get to the point where you can afford it. But, even then, you are responsible for quality and how it presents on your blog.It is important to get comfortable with content creation and its many elements because it will always be the backbone of your online business.Here are 7 tips that may help you get past the block of writing more words:Don’
Hi All; As many say at this point, I can’t believe I’ve been here this long!I love the Wealthy Affiliate community and I hope I am here for many more years. It is a wonderful platform and there are wonderful people to get to know while sharing the online experience. After I started, I went through a couple of different sites. I had one from doing Certification Training. It made some sales, so I know the process that we learn here works. But I wasn’t enjoying working on it. A