My achievements so far

Last Update: July 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

So I have been here at WA for around five weeks now, and in that time I have achieved things I never dreamed I could. It's been such a whirlwind as I have literally spent all of my spare time beavering away on here.

I absolutely love this platform and the whole community atmosphere. I am finally able to build my own website, which I have been trying to do for years without success.

So far I have written out 4 webpages on my site and in the coming months plan to do many more. I have a list of endless possibilities in my head.

I know all this has worked out so well for me so far as I had my head in the right place first. I was really ready for it and that was half the battle. The rest will just be a piece of cake.

Thank you to everybody

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Jaunesk Premium
Thank for followme.
Sylviepajot Premium
You are right about the community atmosphere, I love this platform too!
javierapg22 Premium
That is awesome!
congrats and keep working hard!
WindyCityUSA Premium
Congratulations and your site looks like it's coming along fine, keep up the great effort.
WarrenK1 Premium
Great job, Stefanie! Isn't it amazing how far you can go in just 5 weeks simply by following instructions. I, too, struggled over the years to build my own site, but only received a lot of frustration in return. Keep going!

StefanieT Premium
Thankyou Warren I definitely will keep going now I've come this far. And good luck to you too