When the rules of the game are against you

Last Update: March 25, 2017

What can you do when the rules of the game are against you?

The worst thing you can do is start the game and think you can win.

You either change it or stop playing it!

The 9-5 system is designed so that you are stuck in it for the rest of your life! All the rules are against you...

I don't know you, but I decided to stop playing it the day I joined WA back in 2015.

I quit my master degree, I stopped sending CVs and I changed the direction my family hoped for me.

Did I make the right choice? Well, this month, my online revenue reached the equivalent to 2 property rents in my home country. If I was following the usual path, this would take more than 15 years (if I was lucky).

A salary gives us a false sense of security, but it can vanish anytime for various reasons we can't control!

After a decade of hard work without meaningful results, most people will lower their heads and work even more!

It's hopeless and a complete waste of energy!

When you build your online business, you are claiming control of your income.

You are still playing by the rules of capitalism, but the rules are not against you! On the contrary!

Therefore, the same energy you spent working for your boss can now get you much further when you work for yourself online.

Also, the same energy can not only earn you money but also TIME! Lots of it!

It can help you live like a millionaire without having $1,000,000 in your bank account. Think about it...

In my view, a real rich person is someone who:

-Work from anywhere

-Take as much holiday as they want

-Set their own schedule

-Enjoy their "job"

So, you have a choice now. Will you play a game that is against you, or the one that is on your favor?

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Marlene2 Premium
Marcus1978 Premium
It's not just the 9-5 and capitalism that keep people poor, it's the very nature of money itself. In order for money to work, there needs to be an imbalance of wealth.

Think about it;

If everyone had loads of money, that money would have no value because nobody would be desperate to earn it.

But if everyone was poor, nobody would have any money to buy anything.

This is one big problem with how machines are replacing people's jobs, for example in manufacturing. An example I recently saw was that of a car manufacturer. If they keep replacing factory workers with machines to increase efficiency and therefore profits, they could put too many people out of work and then hardly anyone would have the money to buy a car, so the whole car manufacturing business would collapse.

So we will always need people at all levels of income.

And we will always need people who do do 9-5 jobs, otherwise who is going to deliver things to you when you do your online shopping from your big house on the hill once you're rich from internet marketing? And who'se going to come and repair your phone line when your internet connection goes down? And who's going to reply to your WA support ticket if something goes wrong with one of your websites?

Who's going come and empty your rubbish bins each week?
StefanC Premium
Imbalance of wealthy leads to misery of a large part of the population. This is a fact.
But according to the money system, the world needs an imbalance so that there are desperate people who accept cleaning the bins.
Therefore, the powers that be force us to embrace imbalance and misery so that we live in society and benefit from the wonders of capitalism.
Well, I don't support the money system as it is... And I don't know the solution. But I know that on an individual level, people tend to suffer if they rely on the 9-5 salary. So I think everybody should have the opportunity to find a better life. And that's what everybody is doing here at WA - searching for an alternative.

I agree it's impossible for everyone to become an internet marketer, but as long as this business model exists, everyone should have the right to pursue it.
Marcus1978 Premium
I agree.
Shalini1234 Premium
When I start to achieve success and earning then I will think about it! You are right the time and energy spent working for your boss....better work for oneself!!
amgolf Premium
Interesting about 9-5 job.
But I love mine and never quit.
And currently doing with the online business.
StefanC Premium
great! I guess now you have two jobs you love, your 9-5 and your online business! :) I agree, if you love it, you should never quit.
WTucker1 Premium
such an inspiration. So happy for you. Thanks for the persepective
StefanC Premium
Thanks! It's my little contribution compared to the avalanche of inspiration I receive every day from my fellow WA classmates ;)