Is This Stuff That We're Doing Called Therapy?

Last Update: April 29, 2018

Hi WA!

With all of us living crazy, fast, and at times

uncontrollable lives, this stuff that we're doing,

maybe is thearpy to some. It maybe a way to

collect our thoughts and turn it into a profit!

This stuff about building a website, finding a

niche, writing all this content, and getting ranked.

Therapy? Hardly to some! But to many, it could be

a plan of action to find out about yourself! To escape

from the madness of everyday living.. We may like

doing this WA thing. We know it can be frustrating

and daunting at times but, why do we keep on coming

back wanting more? Do we like challenging ourselves?

Are we crazy? What else is there? Forget about the money

part for now, I personally feel, it could be like seeing a therapist!

We are in therapy. Shutting the world down for some time of

your own somewhere by being your self!

Just a thought.


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UrsaMajor Premium Plus
Great article!
stay focused Premium
Thank you UrsaMajor!
I'm starting my therapy right now!
All is Good.
God Bless