Build it and they will come

Last Update: June 10, 2018

"Build it and they will come."

Remember that movie? Starring Kevin

Costna who plays a farmer and has a

love for baseball. A vision as he sees ghostly

baseball greats from the past..Where, these

"Greats" appearing out from the cornfields

have sent a message.."Build it and they will come."

So that's what happened. After the farmer did just that,

and all of that hard work, great things happened!

I think you know the rest of the story....

It's sort of the same analogy here at WA. Where, one

is giving all the training and tools to Succeed.

• Building your own website

• Watching and going through the training videos

• Asking questions within the Community

• Writing good informative Content

• Getting Indexed in Google

• Adding Affiliate links to your Articles

• Getting traffic to your site and making money

Actually, it's the same concept.

Build (You) it and they will come.


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MessyJess Premium
Love your post! The analogy is simple to understand and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for encouraging us, new kids! XD
stay focused Premium
Thanks Jess,
can't be any Simpler thsn that.
In any walk of life.
God Bless
marmar463 Premium
Absolutely you build it they will come so slower than others but they will come. I believe in that quote because it is so very true.
MKearns Premium
Build it better and you'll knock line drives out of the park!