Being A Rookie Again!

Last Update: April 30, 2018

Good Morning WA,

That word "Rookie" comes around and around at

some stages of our lives. Whether, you're playing

a high level of baseball, basketball, tennis or Affiliate

Marketing.. You've made it to a higher level yet, you're

stepping up to the plate as a "Rookie." It's time to Strut

Your Stuff! Making significant changes in your life

can feel that way. I'm new at this. I'm "Green." Even

though we think we are a novice at something, and we

probably are, we're still Rookies at other things..

The art of building websites on line and earning

money is new to me and others. I'm a Rookie at this!

I'm hoping to mature into a veteran marketer and

help others. For us Rookies, we're all looking to

Hit a Home run within WA! Whether, you don't mind

being termed as a Rookie, just look at the "Big Picture."



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HennieSteyl Premium
Well said, James. If we are prepared to be "Rookies", we can learn so much more and achieve our goals a lot sooner.
stay focused Premium
Thank you Hennie for reading my post!
I guess at age 61, I am a Rookie at this..
We'll learn this Together.
God Bless
HennieSteyl Premium
Anytime, James. Thanks for the blessing.