The Empty Nest?

Last Update: August 20, 2017

Hmmmm, I guess The Empty Nest could also be called "The What Now?"

When I was a young girl I wanted to be a Gypsy or a Truck Driver! I wanted to be someone who could always travel and see new things,

That wanderlust has never left me but the pathway of my life took me away from the world of ever lasting travels and into the realm of motherhood at a relatively young age. Way back then I put my son in a backpack baby carrier and off I went on my bicycle! Not only did that fulfill some of my desire to travel it also created a life long love of seeing new places in him too.

Then came work, a couple more children and a divorce. Well, it is what it is and you pick yourself up and keep on going. I raised the three of them mostly by myself. There were ups and there were downs. There were surprises around many a corner and we survived what many would call catastrophic situations. Through it all we had each other. One day I looked around and noticed that my kids had metamorphosed into adults. They were all professionals with college degrees, they were all parents and they were all doing well. They were, and are, kids any parent would be proud of.

On the other hand, I who had never thought about being a parent, had been a parent for the largest part of my life. Being a parent is never ending but the daily active participation of being the guiding force in their lives was no longer the focal point in either their lives or mine.

Whoops! The Empty Nest! Could I finally be a Gypsy? No, not really. A Truck Driver? The realities of that life had become known to me long ago, so that too was a no go.

Well, what was I going to do to fill the newly created void called The Empty Nest?

I had always loved animals and, as time went on, my favored animal became the Dog. My favorite is The Vizsla; this versatile hunting dog originated in Hungary and had barely survived extinction in that war ravaged country. Over a 1000 years in the making, the Vizsla is gold upon gold. Golden eyes, golden nose and a golden coat. A true sight to behold; he radiates light when he moves.

My empty nest became filled with the golden dogs and their activities. We live in the USA which has the American Kennel Club, aka The AKC . Off we went to obtain the Hunt Title accomplishments we had worked so hard for; off we went for the blue ribbons of the Show Dog world.

Where did we end up?

We ended up here at Wealthy Affiliate entering the next leg of our journey. I said it before and I'll say it many times to come, my life has gone to the dogs ;)

I am working on two new websites; one that is hunting dog specific, because I want to have a site devoted to the hunting life the Vizsla was bred for, and another that is pet generic, because I know the passion we have for our pets and I want to be there to help fulfill it.

I hope to see you on my journey, it's going to be a fun one and the more the merrier!

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ToLiNoLi Premium

Can you please remove your links of your websites from your current blog? This is considered Spam and a no no!!! Should you not remove it, you risk your account being blocked!

Only in emergency cases if you have technical issues, you are allowed to mention your websites here.

See here Kyle's blog about it: You can leave your website in your profile on the right bottom and tell people to go there if you want them to check it out for help or review.

Good post, thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your understanding.
StarrgirlMe Premium
Certainly; I was unaware that inserting my sites, that sell nothing to date, was a violation. Thanks!