Choosing an entirely new path

Last Update: June 09, 2014

Well, here I go. As I sit here typing this, it comes to mind that this is actually the first time writing a blog, let alone having the desire to write one. To be honest, in the past I would snicker at the idea of blogging. But here I am.

I would be considered a normal working man. I work in the Electrical trade as an employee. I work my forty, hopefully have side work scheduled for the weekend so I can put some money into the savings account, and if not I spend that time with my family. But as the days merged into one singular event I realized that all I do is work and I'm not really spending as much time with my family as I thought I was. Especially not as much time as I wanted to. So the decision to change things up was made.

After some deep thinking and and some research, working from home seemed the only option. I figured the internet would hold the most available opportunities. Well there was a problem: I'm not exactly computer savvy. While attempting to find the solution through even more research, I came upon Wealthy Affiliate.

It has been around two weeks now. I truly enjoy the experience. The training is excellent. Looking towards the future, I believe this Affiliation holds many, many opportunities and the only limitations appear to be the ones you place on yourself. So, I continue to move forward on this entirely new path. Actually today I'm excited; I published my first page ever: my Privacy Policy.

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Plamper89 Premium
I'm just like you. Work my 40 hours a week and hope for overtime to put a little money back. I'm not skilled in any trade. I've mostly worked in manufacturing or production jobs.

I also enjoy spending every bit of time with my family as I can. I've got 5 kids and a wife that I can't wait to see every day when I get up.

My decision and true desire to want to work from home came to me when I was fired from my last job (still currently looking for another one while I work on my website). I finally got sick and tired of repeating this same process over so many times. Find a job, work for a while and get fired. Find a job, work for a while, get fired. Can't support a family and sustain financial stability going through work like this.

On the other hand. Keep up the good work, follow the training here at WA, don't give up and if you ever need any help don't hesitate to ask.

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