The Decision to be Successful

Last Update: September 22, 2017

After a year of being a non premium member and struggling with indecisiveness, I've finally made the conscious decision to be successful. I realized I have been allowing myself to just "get by" and that was all my existence could continue to be if I allowed that mindset to rule my life. I know that change has to start with a conscious decision within myself and a positive environment. I look forward to surrounding myself with successful mindsets and successful individuals, and want to thank the creators of WA for providing a wonderful platform to bring us all together. I'm proud to have taken my first step on my journey by joining this amazing community. Not only did I join Premium, I was able to do it with a newfound confidence that I'm sure will only grow from this point on. Instead of sulking on time lost, I want to make the best of the time I'm afforded now. I'm excited to learn alongside all of the great minds that reside here, and be able to put my skillsets to positive use while building a virtual rolodex of pure potential. Hope to mingle soon! Best wishes from Wyoming and make the day count!!

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JLennon Premium
Congratulations on going premium. Even higher congratulations on taking on your mindset. Stay positive, you won't regret it.
@RICH. Premium
Congrats. on going premium, here's wishing you every success! :)