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Last Update: August 17, 2015

If You Like It, Probably Your Referrals Will Like It Too

I'm sorry but I can't remember the source where I found these lessons (I think his name was Troy David White but I can't find the URL. All credit goes to him.)

If any of these gives you an "A-HA!" moment, make note of it AND SHARE IT. It will not only help you in your business, but it will likely give other people that same feeling and help them as well. Now, on to some priceless lessons!

Golden Secrets

These secrets were extracted from one of Jay Abraham's Mastermind Marketing Training Seminars that run in the $1,000's!! I did not attend one but I found someone who did, and it's Golden.

So, without further delay, here are the one's we can apply to our Internet Marketing business:

1. Start working in time chunks. Set aside 2-4 uninterrupted hours for your projects. Most people will start a project and deal with interruptions as they come through the door, or email, or phone. WRONG! You are now a time chunker - and people around you need to understand this is the way you now work. Get used to this way of working and you will accomplish amazing things.

2. No matter what your business is - get your journal out and write down this question at the top of the page - "how can I personally make my clients lives better?" A simple question but very powerful. Think about it - how many companies that you deal with off line or online - apply this model? Less than 10% I bet. Most of them are out to get the sale and then move on to the next "prospect". If they actually considered how they could help your life be better - how effective could they be? For example - there is a company that I personally dealt with offline that sell kids educational products. I spent $2,000 on their products about a year and a half ago. And never heard from them again. If they had thought about how they could help me and my kids have a better life they would quickly realize that they could offer me products to help us at least monthly. I would gladly spend $100/month on my kids future and success. And yet I have never heard from them again. Do you know anyone like this? How does it apply to your business?

3. Always have your antennae up. Look and listen for ideas, insights, concepts that you have never thought of. Write them down. Talk to anybody and everybody you run into. Ask them what they do, how they do it, why they do it, what could make their jobs better, their offerings better, what are their dreams and aspirations?

4. Ask yourself - "what don't I know that is absolutely critical to my success?" Then decide where you can find that information quickly. Start writing down ideas on how you can work with people that have that knowledge. If you do not have money to pay them for their expertise - how else can you work with them? Any way you can trade services for services or services for products or products for products?

5. Start writing a book. On whatever you are good at, or whatever you want to be good at. Start researching the industry and successful businesses in that industry. A book is one of the most important tools to building your credibility and to build on publicity for your business. The book does not necessarily be one you sell - it can be a bonus for prospects or clients to show them you know what you are talking about.

6. Find or pick a charity that you deeply believe in. How can you help them accomplish their goals? Possibly volunteer your services or donate products they can auction off to raise funds. Donate a percentage of all revenue you receive to the charity. Find multiple ways to help them and you will quickly find opportunities knocking on your doorstep.

7. Create your stadium pitch. Get some paper out and think about your product or service. Imagine you have a stadium of 50,000 people at your beck and call. You get 30 - 60 seconds in front of the audience to convince them of you and your offering. What would you say? How could you get your point across so convincingly that they would be stupid to say no? Now consider the fact that any one of them can walk out at any point in time and do not have to listen to your pitch. Would your pitch change? What can you say to make them stay? What can you say to make them buy?

8. Consider that there are only 3 ways you can grow your business. You can increase the number of clients, increase the average sale price, or increase the number of times they buy in a year. Most people (90%) focus in on increasing the number of clients - and it is the least effective and the least profitable. So what can you do to increase the other 2 methods?

9. Use a shotgun approach to marketing your business. Think of multiple ways to promote your offering - and have them all happen at once. Very similar strategy to war - air, land, water each of which has multiple resources and fire power coming at the target (the customer) at once. How does this apply to your offering ? What types of fire power will you use?

10. Test all of your crazy ideas. No matter how crazy they sound - try it out. Find out which ones work. Then optimize how effective they are. Test all variations of that idea. Find out which variation works best.

11. A 30 second personal drill you must do. Ask yourself – am I having fun? What could you do to enjoy your life more? How big or small of a company do you want to run (2 people or 200 to manage)? What would happen to your business if you decided to take a month off? Once you have these answers you now understand areas you MUST start working on immediately.

12. Your customers are marketing geniuses - they know exactly what they want and it is your job to find that out. Find ways to phone, email, fax or talk to them about their needs, wants, desires, passions, concerns etc. When you know what type of a company they want to deal with - you have your ticket to fortunes. People deal with you because they want you to change their life - do you deliver on their wants?

13. What would you do differently in your business if it was treated like a movie theatre? Admission is charged at the door and word travels quickly if it is a box office hit or a box office flop? How would your movie be received?

14. Think about the lifetime value of your clients. Maybe your front-end sale is $40 but how many times will they buy in a month, a year, a lifetime? Add the numbers up - what is 1 client worth to you in a lifetime? How much do you spend to obtain 1 new client? Do you see the difference here? Most people spend under $10 to obtain one new client and yet the lifetime value of that client is $1,000. Do you see the problem? For every $10 you invest you receive $1,000. How many $10 bills will you now invest in client acquisition?

15. What can you say to your clients or prospects to make them ask "huh, what did you just say?" Make your statements so outrageous that they ask you to prove it. And then prove it.

16. Plan your long-term strategies before you plan your tactics. Strategy shows where you plan on going, who you want to be, and what types of clients you want as your friends. Tactics show how to get all of your strategy accomplished.

17. Use risk reversal in your offer. Make it so your clients come out so far ahead by dealing with you they would be stupid not to. Even if they decide that your product is not for them and they return it - they still come out of the deal with the refund and many bonuses that they never had before dealing with you.

18. Ask yourself - "Is my business a refreshing alternative to all others?" If it is not - make it so. You do not want to be mainstream - or you will be out of business.

19. When you fall in love with your clients more than you love your business - you have it figured out.

20. One hour every week - work on your business as opposed to in your business. Most people get so caught up in the day-to-day grind of making everything work properly, generate leads, close sales, deal with questions etc. The sad thing is that working in your business you forget about working on your business and where you want it to go. So once a week, every week - block off an hour and work on your strategy for the year and where you want to be a year from now.

21. Dare to do what no one else does.

22. Ask yourself and your clients what else they are buying that is related to what you offer. How can you add it to your product mix? How can you joint venture with people that offer it?

23. Follow your hunches and see where they take you.

24. Make an outrageous claim or challenge. Don't worry about how you can meet the challenge - just get out there and do it. Your mind will find ways to meet the challenge when the time is right.

25. Always remember that if you don't do it - someone half as smart and half as nice will do it.

26. Create an itch they have to scratch. Make something known to them that they may have never thought of. Make it so important to them to find the answer or solve the problem.

27. Find a script that works for selling your clients. Then document the script. Improve it and test variations of it. Do this consistently every day. Remember that whoever has the best words in the best order - wins.

28. Write down every objection you hear. Put one objection at the top of the page then write down your responses to that objection. Bring up the objections before your clients do. If you don't they will be thinking it so address it before you lose the deal.

29. Would you sell your product or service to your mother or father? If you wouldn't, then reconsider what you are offering.

30. Continually test old techniques that used to work and have not been tested in a while.

31. Do not interact with anyone unless you can make them better and improve their life. Become obsessed with other people and how you can help them, learn from them and help them be better people.

32. Ask what you don't want in life and in business. Then decide what you do want.
Most importantly - TAKE ACTION TODAY.

There you have some lessons that have made businesses go "Fortune 500." Take the one's that made you "move" inside and paste it somewhere you'll see it everyday.

Add your own "A-Ha's" in the comment area. We all can learn something new.

Thanks for reading,


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DABK Premium
This is a great lesson. As regards #12, Your customers are marketing geniuses, I'd add that beside knowing all you mentioned, they also have a preferred (even if they're not fully aware of it) way of doing things.

If you can figure out what the movie they have in their mind as it relates to buying what you're selling, and you have your sales process match that, you make them extra happy. Extra happy because of you people buy from you.

As an example, when buying information on line, I prefer pdf;s to videos, and I hate videos that have no controls (specifically stop, start) and I hate videos that don't let me know how long the video is... Even if I'm sure it's got the best info for me, it challenges my schedule.

I get quite a few of them... sales pitches, all. Some are about things I'm interested in. But, since I don't know how long they take, I pass or save them for later. Which, in my case is the same as tossing them in the garbage as I never look at the folder called "to watch later."

It's very satisfying, psychologically, to know that I did not pass up an opportunity even though I know I did, if that makes sense to you. However, from the person trying to sell me... it's nothing but a loss, when it could easily have been a win.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Well said, DABK. I don't know who I heard that from but you have to meet the consumer where he/she is in his/her mind. That's what Travis Sago emphasizes the importance of knowing your exact customer and saying things that make them tick, i.e. you get .pdfs with your purchase, and videos that's no more than 10 minutes long, etc.
bstacy Premium
This is excellent , thanks for the share
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
You're welcome! I hope at least one lesson is the impetus to changing someone's life.
Kyle Premium
Working on your business instead of "in" your business is a critical one. Most people get caught up in the day to day activities and forget about actually looking at "what" their business is and outline ways to improve upon our service.

I can honestly say that we have fallen into this trap before. You just need to make a concerted effort weekly (as was said here) to improve upon your current situation. Carson and I met weekly to discuss "working on business" and I do believe in some circumstances one hour may not be enough.

Thanks for the share. :)
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
And thank you and Carson for keeping WA updated! It's easy to "sell" when there's a product like this.
Kyle Premium
I can assure you that it will only continue to get better :) I have never enjoyed using WA in the way that I use it since the roll out of the Open Education Project and we plan on keeping it this way.
spiritwriter Premium whomever the credit goes and to you for putting up for us...thanks so much!!
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
My pleasure! Everyone benefits when WA is filled with great Internet / Affiliate Marketing resources.