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How do I move wordress from a mysql domain to siterubix?

How do I move wordress from a mysql domain to siterubix?

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From the short time I've been with SiteRubix, I haven't seen a cPanel, which is something I'm used to.

As you know, Wordpress uses MySQL databases, and s

Hi SpiritWarrior, I moved my website some time ago from one host to another. Even changed the domain name YIKES.

I believe Wordpress has made it easier. The old way was via a "plugin" but now this functionality is inside Wordpress. There might be a plugin that gives more control, especially for the databases but here is the new NO FRILLS way.

Go into the old site.
then down load the outcome of this export.

Go to the new site
Tools/Import and use the downloaded output of the prior export as the source of your import..

Dont forget this does not take care of the theme and plugins but only the content. I believe there are some paid plugins that really go deeper but the above might be all you need.

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