Where will I be in 6 months, a year?

Last Update: November 22, 2015

Thought I'd write a few words about where I am in the program, seeing as I'm new, and this will provide me with a baseline to compare with when I look back 6 months to a year from now. So far the experience has been amazing, there is so much to learn but it's proving to be very interesting. One thing I have to learn is to focus, there is so much information it is easy to spend hours jumping from one blog or comment or post to another, then you realize you're not giving yourself enough time for the courses. The site is so user friendly, and everyone is so helpful. I have been online for about 2.5 months and think I'm making good progress, I did have to put things on hold for about 3 weeks, so I take that into consideration when looking at my progress. I upgraded my membership to premium fairly quickly but don't regret it, having access to the entire site is so worth it. So here go's, I'm going to work hard for the next 12 months with the goal of getting to Las Vegas and generating a sustainable salary. It will be interesting to look back a year from now!

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Herbie1 Premium
Great idea Sylvie! One week quickly merges into another and you forget the progress you make! Chris
Jagulba Premium
I also learn alot and even the site is user friendly , the concept is so vast and enormous that you will somehow lost in this world. So I totaly understand your feeling. keep up the good work and wish you the best of luck ;)
soucss Premium
Thanks Jagulba, that's what scared me at first too is the concept as you say being so vast and enormous. But to reiterate many comments I've seen from other members I've tried a lot of other sites and this one is heads above everyone else. Best of luck to you too :)