I need to switch things up a bit, but don't know how.

Last Update: March 06, 2019

My niche site is almost two years old and not getting any google traffic. All of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I am not making any substatial money. I would like to switch my site from a Parenting / Baby Sleep Niche site to more of a lifestyle blog like how I see other Instagram mommies do. I just don't know how to cleverly morph from a baby sleep site to my own personal lifestyle blog.... I wouldn't even know how to monetize it. I just am so not satisfied with how things are turning out so far with my site. I have about 70 articles and I can't think of any other keywords to do that would get traffic. My son is already two years old and sleeping throught the night - so how do I continue with a project that I don't have a real keen interest in? I put so much work and money into it already, how can I switch it my own space?

Would anyone reccomend the book Click Millionares to me on this one?

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JeannineC Premium
You've asked for help, but have not included your URL in your profile. Can't do much unless I can see your site. If you want to PM me the URL, I'll take a look.