#2 on Bing and Yahoo. YAHOO!

Last Update: March 28, 2020

What a surprise!

I never expected this post to rank because this niche is super competitive. Even more surprising was it was able to out-rank some huge and well-established websites like Petmd.com, Dogsnaturallymagazine.com, CanineJournal.com and even Akc.com.

I did some investigative work to find out what I did right so I can replicate it.

I looked into around 20 websites below mine to find a common denominator.

  • I know design and layout wasn't a factor because almost all of them had nicer looking websites.
  • Word-count could be a factor. My post has 1,380 words while most of them had less than 1,000
  • Comments could be a big factor. Out of 20 websites, 1 had 2 comments, the other had 1 comment and the rest had none. Mine has 96 including my replies.
  • I think the biggest factor was my W5(Who-What-Where-When-Why+How(Thanks, Jay)) in my FAQs section where I answered most of the basic questions and I think the search engines picked this up. None of the other websites under mine had this, though we were basically selling the same products. It reflects what Jay said, that our posts should focus on user experience and answer the user's query as efficiently as possible.

Hope this helps!

Have a great weekend!


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Jaxxie1 Premium
Hi Sonny,

I hope this message finds you well and in good health. I have a question for you. You stated that your site has more comments than other sites in your niche, and oddly enough, I have a question regarding my domain name? Is it really important to have your domain name include keywords, or will the content/comments be enough to organically bring traffic? (Not asking for a friend! haha)

Thanks and keep safe,
Jaclyn Mackay.
Sonny40 Premium
Hey jaclyn!

I hope everything is well with you.

I honestly do not know the answer to your question. I can only assume that it may help to have your keyword in your domain name.

What I do know for sure, what matters the most is to answer the user's query as completely as you can.

Please watch the video below many times until you can hear it in your sleep. Write it down and use it as a checklist before you publish a post. Have a great day!

MtSala47 Premium
Awesome!! Congrats!!👏
Sonny40 Premium
Thanks so much!
TSvetlecic Premium
Wow. Tks for sharing. And a Big Congrats
Sonny40 Premium
Thank you!
MElumir Premium
Congratulations kabayan wow...ikaw na talaga and you got it because you work hard for it.
Sonny40 Premium
Salamat Kabayan!
bleumoon Premium
That is amazing!! Congratulations, keep up the good work!!
Sonny40 Premium
Thanks, Lynda!