Don't Forget: Celebrate Your Wins

Last Update: April 02, 2021

Did you beat or exceed your goals last month? Personally, I have encountered some unforeseen obstacles that set me back by four months. So, this morning I have found myself going back and forth between wanting to panic and being mad at myself.

Yet after logging onto WA, I found myself feeling thankful that I was able to read a few blog posts written by some of my favorite longtime WA members.

I remembered that we need to allow ourselves to have some time to receive a dose of daily motivation just as we need to brush our teeth daily.

I am glad that I took a few moments to read a few WA blog posts. They reminded me that we need to continually attempt to do better. To not give up. To not panic when the going gets tough. We also need to realize that as long as we don't quit, we are moving forward.

In my case, my online business activities have not generated a full time source of income yet. However, WA has allowed me to feel bold enough that I felt that I could still work online even if I moved to a coastal community for the winter.

I know that I still need to much harder and more consistently to accomplish my April blogging goals. Yet, this year I fulfilled a fantasy of going horse back riding on the beach. Three different times. Each time, I enjoyed the experience even more.

What about you? What was the best thing you accomplished last month?

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ActionJacks Premium
Hi Sondra, I know how you feel as far as giant setbacks! I feel like my last few years have been setback after setback, the important thing is to keep moving forward and overcome!

My online business activities have also not generated a full time income yet either, however they have opened some doors I never expected. I plan to publish some blogs about this soon and I hope they will help and inspire others.

Thank you for sharing your journey!
CherryRed20 Premium
Great post!

You're right, sometimes we have to set ourself back in order to move forward, so it's actually good to take a little break from WA, but I'm glad to see that you are back online and active again.

P.S. I couldn't imagine doing horseback riding on the beach. 😁 I guess if that's possible, I could try that. 🙂

FKelso Premium Plus
The best thing I accomplished last month was to get a lot of the basic tasks needed for my house remodel job completed. It's hard to believe how much stuff we've taken out of there! I'm turning our garage into my office. It's attached to the house and insulated. The garage door comes off in a couple of months and a wall goes up. Then I'll move my office in there. It is a great space, and will give me much more room. I'm excited about it.
Dadaz123 Premium
Sondra, let me just say this. No matter what, don't beat on yourself. Whatever you are dealing with, if you can share it with the community, it is half solved. Why? Because someone in the community has walked that path before and is ready to help you out. That's our awesome WA community!
Horseback riding is good therapy.
Christorv Premium Plus
In my time here, what kept me is not just the community (many programs have it) but the ability to blog and ask questions irrespective of if anyone has asked the same question before (most programs dissuade this somewhat). Perhaps, and most importantly the ability to share all one's challenges in life not just the technical that affect your AM journey and learn as you go along

Great share, Sondra, for me this month I have managed to add AM sites to my leadgen focus and then created some social media profiles- a bit late to the party but that's alright 🤣

All the best, Happy Easter 🙏