What is copywriting ?

Last Update: September 24, 2020

Copywriting is that the process by which something is written so as to market ideas or opinions or maybe an individual or commercial activity .

Copywriting is especially conversational and supported persuading people to require action.

Its aim is to hook the prospect and persuade them to act or react to a cause.

This may be the acquisition of a product or just by subscribing to something (Act).

It may even be wont to dissuade people from their beliefs or actions (React).

It is important to notice that advertising is different to copywriting.

While advertising creates awareness for a product, copywriting induce people to require action immediately.

Words like 'click, download, fill, complete or buy “are action words to be done "now".

People behave differently.

They have different feelings and desires.

It is believed however that words can change people's thinking, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

One of the simplest thanks to do so is to use the tested and proven to figure copywriting formulae AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action).

The first thing to try to to therefore is to catch the eye of the viewer.

Once that's done it's important to arouse his interest and make the will to buy(picture the promise in his mind).

Finally, because the prospect is within the buying mood, make him take the action to try to to so.

People do not like being sold.

If you enter a store and therefore the sales person involves you, you will not feel comfortable to shop for . Why?

You don't have control. you've got pressure to shop for something because the sales person suggests various things to you.

People buy for emotional reason, not rational reason.

They buy to point out how proud they own something.

For example having a luxury car or a Rolex watch.

Knowing that folks buy by envy, pride, vanity or lust, we will use these motivators in our copywriting to influence them to shop for .

People got to satisfy their irrational decisions with rational reasons.

A buyer must justify the acquisition he has made.

With this in mind, the copywriter can to offer reasons to the prospect on why such purchase may be a worthy investment.

Hence, he would attempt to appeal to the emotion of potential customer so as to influence him to shop for .

For example if it's a car, he would mention how beautiful and opulent it's .

He would mention the design and the way great the prospects life would change with it.

He would also mention fuel economy, interior seat and space and more.

The action here is to form the customer feels good about his decision and not about selling the car.

Emphasis is on the rationale why the acquisition may be a good investment.

Another motivator which we will use in our copywriting in persuading them to shop for is that the element of fear.

People fear of losing a chance or money.

They fear of losing independence, happiness, friends and families.

Identify a fear or Desire: Stop snoring an evening .

Then tell the prospect what you're getting to do for him.

What benefit you've got for him which will fulfill his desire.

Then cement the will by letting your prospect picturing himself reaping the advantages .

Copywriting is found everywhere and there are differing types of copywriting techniques.

It may include Headlines, emails, banners, slogans, commercial scripts, press releases and is found also on billboards, brochures, online sites and other advertising media.

The key to your Copywriting success is to hook the prospect with an excellent headline(Attention).

In writing the headlines for instance , attempt to limit the headline to five to eight words.

Catch the eye of the reader by providing a basic promise of advantages .ex: lose 15 kgs in 7 days.(you tell the reader what it's getting to do for him)

Now that you simply have your headline, your sub header should reinforce the headline and arouse the interest of the reader to continue reading your ad.

Show to him how he's getting to achieve those benefits.

Then through images and emotive exciting words like 'awesome, amazing, splendid "or repetitive words create the (Interest) and (Desire) to shop for .

Consistently keep reminding your prospect at what you’re getting to do for him.

Back up everything with proofs and testimonials.

Then ask to buy(ACTION).

Remember your aim is to form the reader feel confident that you simply can help him.

Collect all persuasive arguments(features and benefits).Most important ones comes first.

Provide proof of credibility.

Get them to require action.

Below are some samples of headlines and sub headlines also as some power words which you'll use:


Ideas to........................

Reasons why.....................

Steps to......................

Tricks to ...................

Secret ways to................

Discover the way to .................

Are you curious about ..............



Absolutely no ...............required.

Here's the way to start .

If you would like to urge ..........,you need to act now!

Learn how to...............by..........

Step-by-step system for..............

You immediately get.................

If you.............you'll love our..........

Now you'll instantly.......................


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