Solidbase : Help, I have brainfreeze

Last Update: September 03, 2015

Hi folks,

It's one of those days in my life. :(

I'm busy building a new site and have (as far as I know) followed all the prescribed steps as set out in the training videos by Kyle. I even went back to them and watched them as I went along, but I seem to have missed something along the way.

Here's my problem :

I have installed SI Captcha as well as Social Media Feather (exactly the same as on my other site where it works fine), but on this site it simply does not show up. And yes, I am using the same theme as before (Omega) which is updated to the latest version.

Can someone please just run the steps by me again ? I obviously have missed out some step (or two ?) and this is starting to put a burr up my ass.

As always, I will appreciate any help and or advice from you guys.

Thanks in advance.


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alex4406 Premium
Theuns, Not sure if you have solved your problem. If not, Social Media Feather has two parts. One is a widget for your side bar. The second requires a "short-code" to be added to each "page" you want to share. I use the latest omega version with social feather. Works fine for me. I have wordpress 4.3, omega 1.2.4 and feather 1.7.8.

The widget adds follow us to the side bar. For "posts" the plugin adds share automatically. For "pages" you add a short-code to the bottom of the page you want to share. The feather set-up is wre you add you social media id stuff. Alex
solidbase Premium
Hi Alex,
Thanks for jumping in man.
No, not solved yet but I will give it another go this morning.
Thanks a stack for you advice. Gonna try it all and see how far I get.
I have updated to all the latest versions as you mentioned, but did not enter any code. Will have another look.
If all else fails, I will probably just delete all and start over again.
rosieM Premium
Are your plugins updated as well? I always overlook clearing my cache and browser....
solidbase Premium
Yes, all updated Rosie.
Thanks for your interest.
Daniel01 Premium
Hi I am a bit at loss, I suspect that the new version might not be the same to support your plugin Social Media Feather, I would suggest to go back to the old one and put the plug in than update to the newer version if this is possible. I wish I could be of better help. Good Luck
solidbase Premium
thanks Daniel,
It was like this even before I upgraded to the latest version.
Does not work on any of them.
Will just keep on trying.