5 Key Critical Elements to Successful Web Design

Last Update: September 02, 2015


We live in a competitive world and due to the advances in latter day technology, internet marketing has also become an art in itself. We all desire to be successful in our businesses but without a successful website, we are dead in the water.


Apart from a whole host of other things, it is of paramount importance that our website must conform to a few specific parameters in order to not only catch attention, but also to retain a visitor for as long as possible.

Below I have listed 5 elements which I consider to be absolutely crucial in order to have a successful website :

1. A Clean Design and Superior Usability. An eye-catching layout that is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Our intention must be to grab a visitor's attention with the clean, clear layout of our website, and which allows for easy navigation to whatever they want to view. This will enhance the chances that they will stay longer on our site and eventually become a buying customer.

2. Personality. Strange as though it may seem, a website does have a personality, and the personality of your site is a direct reflection of your business, your vision, and the core values of what you promote. Your website should express a personality that makes the visitor want to interact and learn more, which leads to enhanced visitor experience.

3. Valuable and Informative Content. We hear every day how important it is to present our visitors with valuable information to help them solve a problem or gain information about a specific topic.

It cannot be stressed enough that regular and consistent posting of relevant, valuable content is key critical to the success of our business. In this regard, your website can be compared to a pool of water. If there is not a steady inflow of clean, fresh water, it will become stale and incapable of sustaining life. When your website content becomes old and stale, so will your visitors migrate to another source of good, clean content.

4. Mobile Friendliness. It is reported that more than 60% of people nowadays search the internet on mobile devices, so it stands to reason that we must ensure that our websites are mobile friendly.

Apart from the obvious advantage of making our sites available to all potential visitors, it is also a fact that mobile friendliness helps with a higher ranking in the search engines.

5. Fast Loading. We all know how frustrating it is to visit a site that is slow to load. The fast pace of living these days makes it imperative that we ensure our site loads at the best possible speed, otherwise our visitors will simply click away and visit a competitor's site.

As with all the other factors, a fast loading speed also enhances the ranking of your site in the search engines, so cut out all the extra bells and whistles that may slow it down.

I hope the above will be of some interest to you, and I wish you every success in your business.


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mijareze Premium
Thank you so much for that vital info!
Mark1957 Premium
Great tips Theuns, getting the basics right for each site is fundamental to its success.
Firekeeper Premium
According to your post I'm pritty much on track, feels good ;-)
Martstervt Premium
Good tips Theuns,How do you make your site mobile device friendly.
Is there a tutorial on this?

solidbase Premium
Try this link Marty.
Come back if you have problems
Martstervt Premium
Thanks Theuns.
CRobert Premium
Thanks so much for the useful tips. Every little bit helps. Wishing you great success.

Best regards,
solidbase Premium
Thanks Robert.
Glad if it could have helped a little bit.