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Social Engagement & Marketing - Classroom Overview
Social is massive and probably the quickest growing and evolving medium in the Internet business world.…
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What's the easiest way to check site visitors?
Hi WA,I hope you are all keeping well on this Friday.I am puzzled with my Google Search Console. I know…
20 hours ago 10 Replies
Video not uploading in links and tracking page?
I created a second Video in the format of 1080 and it is still not loading it tells me its processing.…
23 hours ago 2 Replies
Can I link my social media accounts to my website so that when I create a post or review I can choos
I need some help please Can I link my social media accounts to my website so that when I create a post…
2 days ago 3 Replies
Traffic and getting approved for adsense?
For a while now I feel like I am putting in my best efforts, making social media, writing articles,…
3 days ago 2 Replies
Suggestions on how to make a page profitable. can you help?
My most visited page on my site is (…
3 days ago 14 Replies
Installing a heatmap on my website?
Good morning everyone and happy Monday, I ask a question and was adviced to install heatmap on my website…
3 days ago 10 Replies
Facebook page or full account for my site?
Hello WA friends. I am in phase 3 of boot camp. I am at the point of needing to setup my social media…
4 days ago 13 Replies
What social media platform? and why?
What social media platform? And Why? How I differentiate between the platforms. What social media indicators…
4 days ago 7 Replies
How much marketing experience I need and how long before it?
Can be Attainable? Give me duration, months years, how likely success can be measured? How Hopeful/Hopeless…
5 days ago 3 Replies
Creating email responds no referrals?
I do not have any referals yet, can I still write the follow up emails ahead of time?
5 days ago 7 Replies
Can we advertise our website to google ads?
Good day! My site is under review for my application in google Ad…
1 week ago 12 Replies
What should I do since my traffic has dropped?
Hello, I am in a dilemma about what to do with my site. My niche is outdoor patio misters and with the…
1 week ago 21 Replies
Do we need the same website page on social media?
I want to no when we need open a business account on any social media we must open with our website…
1 week ago 11 Replies
I have been unable to send my post to my social media ?
I need some help on getting my post to my social media accounts?
1 week ago 5 Replies
Affiliate marketing, and cpa affiliate marketing strategy ?
what is the best place to promote affiliate link.
1 week ago 5 Replies
How to contact kyle or carson privately?
Is there an email to contact Kyle or Carson?Cannot get through under the Private Message.
1 week ago 18 Replies
What plugin for social media icons are you using?
Dear community, could you please share what plugin for social media icons are you using? I tried Ultimedia…
1 week ago 7 Replies
Looking for a possible alternative to amazon?
My TV stopped working a few months ago. I was looking at Walmart for a possible replacement. When I…
1 week ago 6 Replies
Who has a podcast and is it worth it?
Hello business friends,How is everyone doing? I would like for someone here to share their experience…
1 week ago 15 Replies
Why readers of my site cannot post comments ?
Recieved feedback from reader of my website that he cannot post comments to my post, why?
2 weeks ago 19 Replies
What can i do? I have not been approved by google adsense ?
i am going through all their requirements , got a message and its about quality content so i am working…
2 weeks ago 12 Replies
Where do I go to get affiliates and how?
I need to know where should I get some affiliates to be on my web page and ho will they get there.
2 weeks ago 2 Replies
Why can not received the confirmation email for my gravatar?
I started making my gravatar account but can not received confirmaton email.
2 weeks ago 2 Replies
Country specific affiliates and clicks from other countries?
Hello,Just wondering about affiliates like Amazon. If I am Canadian and register for the Affiliate…
3 weeks ago 6 Replies
Using infographics for external links?
Appreciate any input on the best way to use infographics for external links. Just started implementing…
3 weeks ago 5 Replies
Soccial network to advertise a garden website?
Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday I hope that all is well, I am trying to find out besides Pinterest…
3 weeks ago 13 Replies
How can I get the recent posts back in my wedget?
How can I put the Tefebg Posts back on the wedget area?
3 weeks ago 3 Replies
I am running my first google ad?
Hey. I am running my first Google ads campaign and get this error when I set in keywords. "Keywords…
4 weeks ago 2 Replies
How can i post on pinterest ?
How can i post on Pinterest? I have a personal account do i need a business account or can i post on…
4 weeks ago 18 Replies
Can having two amazon associate accounts be problematic?
I opened two different Amazon Associates accounts using two different Emails. This was done by accident…
1 month ago 11 Replies
Are you having succes on keen?
Hi everyone,Has anyone here seen any difference on Google Analytics from adding things to Keen or even…
1 month ago 7 Replies
Video timing in instagram, how do I make it work?
Hello awesome peepsI have started posting to Instagram direct from Canva and notice that if I post a…
1 month ago 10 Replies
Hi all ! doing a canva poll. hope you can help?
Hi All,I am writing a review on Canva and I was wondering what your personal opinions on Canva are (Doing…
1 month ago 26 Replies
How many business pages can I use for facebook?
I have a business page for my old website out of WA. At Wealthy Affiliate I have two website but one…
1 month ago 10 Replies
How to sign a facebook account ?
How to sign a Facebook account? It must be a personal account or affiliate acount for which I am promoting.…
1 month ago 5 Replies
Using social media to promote business question?
This may not be the smartest question, but I'm new to this. Could I still grow my brand with just my…
1 month ago 11 Replies
What is the best way to implement rss feeds?
I have just set up easy access for visitors to my site via an RSS icon to my RSS feed. It is set up…
1 month ago 8 Replies
How do I follow 10 people on pinterest?
Hi, FolksI must be really dense, but I can't figure out how to follow the 10 WA members on the Pinterest…
1 month ago 3 Replies
Why are my social media buttons not showing?
Hi All,I installed and activated the ADD TO ANY plug-in as per the training, but they are not appearing…
1 month ago 5 Replies
How do you add a link on instagram to a post?
Hi having checked a few youtube videos, I am trying to add a https link to my latest post on instagram.I…
1 month ago 4 Replies
How to get more traffic with out upgrading?
How do I do a email campaign? Or set up YouTube on my site to get more traffic. how do I let people…
1 month ago 18 Replies
How to add the aweber email sign up widget?
Hi I have just been going through Smartekeers tutorial on adding AWeber Email Sign up to the widget…
1 month ago 5 Replies
Question abot affiliate marketing on pinterest?
I know it's allowed with affiliate links on Pinterest (I try to avoid it) but sometimes it's better…
1 month ago 2 Replies
Facebook pages. how many can we post to at once?
Can we post to multiple Facebook pages instead of multiple social media platforms by using the advanced…
1 month ago 5 Replies
Is it somewhere on the platform about setting up ad sense?
I am facing these 2 issues on the Ad sense account. Where can I find steps to fix them? Thank you
1 month ago 3 Replies
How can I share my sub-niche post on pinterest account ?
I have a Pinterest account with my first website. I start a sub-niche but how can I share the posts…
1 month ago 8 Replies
Why they are saving your pin on pinterest?
May I know what is the reason people saved your Pin on their Pinterest?Is it simply because they are…
1 month ago 17 Replies
Banned from facebook and dont have a clue why ?
This Facebook really gets me confused. I am banned from commenting on groups with no explanation. My…
1 month ago 8 Replies