What was once hard is now second nature.it's the same with websites

Last Update: February 07, 2018

We all know that learning a new skill when we were little was a little scary. Learning to ride a bike was a little scary. Learning to drive was a little scary when we were 14-16 years of age.

As adults learning to communicate effectively with other people, if we didn't learn that skill through practice as we were growing up, can be scary as well.

On the flip side of that, we did learn to ride a bike and now getting the bike rolling and keeping our balance is second nature. We did learn how to drive and navigate through traffic and now, as adults, it is second nature to get in our vehicles and go from point A to point B.

I think you get the point without me giving more examples. We all have certain skills that we take for granted now but they were awkward to learn in the beginning.

We have to give our skill with wordpress and building our website or websites the same amount of time to develop. We have to make ourselves have enough discipline to drill down and get through a given part of getting our sites ranked that we may be struggling with. It is well worth the effort for a couple of reasons.

First, I find that it's very economical training. We pay the monthly fee for WA, which is very reasonable, and then it's mostly a matter of a time investment in order to gain the skills we need.

Second, once we are able to navigate wordpress and add posts with relevant content that helps stay ranked and keeps readers engaged, then it becomes a daily routine that can be a lucrative routine in the long run.

We are all making the effort to be able to work from anywhere, not just home. If we are on vacation somewhere and need to add content, we can either use the site content function within WA or we can use the dashboard within our site to start a draft. As we research and finish our content, we can then publish it.

We don't have to necessarily finish a post right away once we start it. We can gather our thoughts, do research, start writing and make adjustments over whatever time it takes to finish. The goal is 1000 words or so with images and videos thrown in to help give our readers the best experience and educate and engage them in the content.

I just finished adding a post to my first website and realized that I finally found a theme I like and I'm comfortable again adding posts. It's a good place to be since I dealt with a little bit of trial and error. That's ok. We are all going to have some trial and error getting to the goals we have set with our websites.

Also, if you need a little inspiration at times, get in the activity dashboard and read some of the posts from people who have been with WA longer and have monetized their sites. It reminds us that we just need to keep working our sites, finish the training, go through the training again at least one more time and all that effort pays off.

Thanks for reading. I honestly like to hear about people having success, so feel free to give me an update on your success anytime. I want to see all people have success and more time freedom.

With respect,

Scott Moore

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