The Benefit of Structured Training

Last Update: January 30, 2018

The real benefit of the structured training that is found on this site is that it keeps members focused daily and helps us keep track of our progress. I haven't found any other programs that are as detailed with the training as wealthy affiliate is.

People need to be able to get started first of all, which is the first step to accomplishing something, and then see that the potential is there and that they are making progress.

We have that with wealthy affiliate. The videos here do an excellent job of laying out the best way to do things and the explanations that are written lay things out well also.

One of the things I like best is the point that is made in the training to help educate people about any given product that we promote. We are learning, as affiliates, to build a site that gives people both the pros and the cons and help them make an educated decision on a given product.

We can then guide them to the best place to get that product and we will make income from the sale, and that is a very fair business model and practice. However, if that product is not actually for them after reading our review then they can move on elsewhere. That is also fair. Some people will buy and some people won't.

We learn all these things and are reminded of how to treat people fairly within wealthy affiliate. There is no hype here. It's just solid training with the chance to increase our skills and earn a good income, depending on how hard we work.

So, from this point forward I plan to keep working on taking any weaknesses as an affiliate marketer and turning them into strong points. It may mean going through the training a couple of times. I hope those of you who read this will also work toward your success within this site.

As always, I hope you were able to get some value out of this blog. Keep working hard and reach out to me if you need to. I'll do what I can to help you out.

With respect

Scott Moore

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a1jonuk Premium
Great blog post and advice Scott, the training here is first class and the very fact that members contribute to this either through a bog post or creating a training is by far a benefit that completely outweighs the investment in our membership.