Saving a draft if need be to develop enough content over a day or two

Last Update: February 12, 2018

We all lead really busy lives, which means our time is limited in too many cases. I am learning how to manage my time better and try to put out valuable and informative content on my site.

I have been advised that we need to have the reader in mind, of course, and have images and videos along with our written content when possible. I know I have enjoyed blogs that I read a great deal more when solid content and videos and images were incorporated.

On days like today, when my time is limited some, I chose to do my keyword research for the title, and find an image I wanted to begin with. I then started writing, referencing the articles where my information is coming from and wrote about 300 words or so, I think.

We want the end result to be around 1000-1500 words if possible with solid information and any affiliate links used throughout the post. There is nothing to say that we have to do all the work on a given post in one day if time is limited.

Taking action is the important part instead of skipping a day of content. All the content doesn't have to happen in one day. Write as much as possible, save the draft, and then come back the next day and write some more.

We want to write quality posts as much as possible. The draft feature helps us do that until we are ready to publish a given post.

We can enjoy the days that we are able to start and finish a given post and be proud of what we did at the end of the day. We can also feel good about simply writing something and getting our wheels turning in our heads, taking care of business away from our content, and then coming back to finish.

Maybe this helps. Writing content is key, even if it has to be a draft for a few days until we can publish. We can, of course, always come back and edit anytime even after we publish a post.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading

With respect,

Scott Moore

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Lazyblogger Premium
Very smart approach to writing, always good to be ahead just in case nature gets in the way. Thanks!
MKearns Premium
Yes keep your construction material handy!
billy947 Premium
You are very correct. Everything is time. You have to put the time into it to get the best results.
JerryMcCoy Premium
Everyone needs to save a draft just in case you accidentally hit a wrong key and everything vanishes on you.